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  • I thought that I would start this as a separate thread. Under the thread, “The New Reality”, many of us have posted discussion and performances of music under quarantine, from soloists, families, Big Bands, Symphony Orchestras, and world wide groups.
    Yesterday, I posted a Peruvian Trumpet Performance made up up individual performers from their living rooms all over Peru. Let me throw the following idea out to the group. Since there still are no current local performance opportunities, would there be any interest in putting together a video such as this and others on this thread, made up of Trumpet Board members. This could include members from anywhere in the world. Each individual recording can be made with iPhone, similar equipment, or more professional equipment, if available. The biggest stumbling block would be the editing and production. I have neither the know how, the software, or hardware to pull this off. Let me open this idea to the group to see whether this is viable. If someone has a simple solution to the technical problem, I would be willing to explore it and see whether I can take this on.

  • I am well behind the technological curve here, but perhaps some of our more savvy members know how to do this. It would take a user-friendly platform and an organizational plan to include participants as appropriate, with a somewhat specific goal for each performance. It would take knowledge, time, effort, and cooperation to make it happen.

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    It probably wouldn't be very hard. Just setup a thread with a link to a free Zoom room.

  • I'm all for it but can't really contribute.

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    It probably wouldn't be very hard. Just setup a thread with a link to a free Zoom room.

    As far as a remote performance venue, I do not know whether Zoom will work. I have not tried Zoom, but have tried Face Time and Skype for duets with other players. The player who counts the start of the piece experiences a delay in feed back. The player who plays the second part plays with the first part in a coordinated manner, but in reality, the first part may not get to him or her for a second or two after it was played. That means that when the second part gets back to the player of the first part, who counted them in, there is another second or two delay. Obviously this leads to confusion and cacophony to the leader of the remotely performed duet, but sounds good to the person playing the second part.
    Another example of this is when on TV, a news anchor remotely is talking to a remote reporter, there is noticeable delay. I suspect that Zoom will be similar.
    Individual parts I believe will need to be recorded separately, in tune, in coordination with a prerecorded track. That is why the musicians on the multitrack remote recordings wear head phones or ear buds. The individual recordings, which can be as simple as cell phone recordings, are then submitted where they are transferred to a computer where the tracks can be lined up to play back in a time coordinated unified fashion. If there was interest in TB members coming together for such a project I would look further into the software and hardware necessary to accomplish this. As far as trumpet ensemble arrangements, I have a six part arrangement of “Night in Tunisia” and a four part arrangement of “Havana”. I’m sure others might have other suitable arrangements. The number of participants is not limited by the number of parts.
    If anyone has an interest in participating, let me know, and if there is enough interest, I can send the arrangements via email.
    As far as the potential use of Zoom in the context of Trumpet Boards, perhaps there is a place for it. I will present my thoughts on that as a separate topic, “Zoom and Trumpet Boards”, and again ask for input from the group.

  • Steve, as I understand it, you have to record the parts separately, then mix them together
    to coordinate all the parts.

  • That is my understanding. As such all recordings have to be made with the performer listening to the same rhythm or reference track.

  • @SSmith1226 I'd be interested in taking a look at your ensemble arrangements.

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    Two different things here. Zoom is for "meetings" and solo performances to a group. I have played some solos on Zoom to a Zoom audience of one of the orchestras I play in.

    Ensemble playing is done with each member individually recording their part to a click track or backing track then someone clever puts it all together. Here is an example that I participated in for Memorial Day.

  • @J-Jericho said in Trumpet Board Performance:

    @SSmith1226 I'd be interested in taking a look at your ensemble arrangements.

    Multiple ensembles were sent via email. These are not for general distribution. They are only to evaluate for possible TB performance. In addition I sent video performances of three of these ensembles that can be used as base tracks to coordinate all who participate.

    If anyone else is interested in possibly participating let me know and i can send you further information. Please post on this thread to confirm your potential interest in participating in a Trumpet Board Remote Performance and send me an email at so I can send you a few arrangements for evaluation. I am not sending these arrangements for general distribution. They are meant only to be used for the TB Remote Performance Project.


  • That was fantastic, guys. Love how you presented the end credits.

  • Really well done, guys. Enjoyed the camaraderie, thanks.

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    The FBI Anti-Piracy warning is a nice touch 😉

  • I give this a 100 Proof Rating!

  • I get Video unavailable.

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    I give this a 100 Proof Rating!


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    I get Video unavailable.

    Regards, Stuart.

    Perhaps due to the alcohol content, it may not be available to minors. 😋

  • So not so remote, but with social distancing (mask wearing by the rhythm section) at a neighborhood concert on Labor Day Weekend. Anyone can guess the song changes that I am blowing for this improv?

  • The answer to the above question is provided at the end of this video following Keigo's kicking solo on the same song.

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