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  • RE: Trumpet Engraved "Wallace Music House". Need Info.

    @newell-post Buescher did make some oddly-wrapped cornets in the 1920s and 30s, sometimes under their student brand "Elkhart by Buescher"... like this one that I am currently selling through Votruba's shop in Vienna... elkhart-kornett.jpg
    This one dates back to 1927.

    (The police teddy bear is due to the fact that Votruba's are the sole supplier of instruments to the Vienna Police Orchestras).

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  • RE: Kuhlohorn for sale - no limit

    Instrument is now sold.

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  • RE: A little humour

    Two trumpet players in Rome, in the only caffè possible!
    barliman2001, left, and ssmith1226, right.IMG_7031.JPG

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  • Intelligent version of stupid music...

    There is a guy out there who reworks stupid party sounds into music of gone eras... compare the original

    with the Bach-like version...

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  • RE: My collection...

    @curlydoc I'll hunt out the newspaper...

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  • RE: My collection...

    @j-jericho There were three separate incidents. One, the Bach Strad C, was borrowed by a friend who needed it for a musical performance in Munich's Gärtnerplatztheater - his own C was a Ganter rotary, and you can't bring rotaries for Oklahoma. He had the Strad in the canteen, went to where clarinet player get their best notes from, and when he returned, the case wasn't there. Theatre insurance paid up and thus financed the Strad rotary which with most of the other instrument was stolen in one haul when our house in Ireland was burgled and stripped of almost all the contents. The miscreants even broke open the oil tank and stole our heating oil!
    And the Votruba Profi was loaded into a van with all the other band instruments for a gig on a mountain top in Croatia, but the van never arrived there. Seems the original driver of the local van and a few cronies of his had pre-planned the coup. At any rate, we arrived at that mountain resort by cable car und were unable to play because we did not have a single instrument...

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  • RE: My collection...

    @adc Giving away instruments to deserving talents is a good idea. I recently donated a Besson Stratford trumpet, a King Tempo cornet and a Conn Director to a school orchestra in Bulgaria, together with a heap of mouthpieces. Since then, I am swamped with videos of the kids practising enthusiastically; and the orchestra is now much in demand by the civic authorities to give athmosphere to official functions...

    Heavens, that's three instruments I forgot to list!!

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  • My collection...

    As I am enjoying a leisure moment, I have begun a list of every instrument I ever owned... not in chronological order. And I've decided that you out there, my trumpet friends, should be allowed to share this info.
    Please do not see this as boasting, but as plain information.
    I am including the fate of each instrument whenever it has decided to move on.

    Bb trumpets:
    Comet ***
    UMI King Silver Flair Dizzy Bell (sold)
    Jupiter STR-1010, with one straight and one Dizzy Bell, and an adapted Schilke BERYLLIUM bell (sold)
    Jupiter 840 (sold)
    Dowids Jazzline (sold)
    Stomvi Elite Bb (sold)
    Ganter G5 (exchanged for G7)
    Ganter G7 custom (sold)
    Olds Ambassador (given to a friend as present)
    Olds Special (returned to original seller as he after the deal could not bear to part with it)
    Olds Studio (for sale at Votruba's in Vienna)
    Olds Recording
    Courtois Balanced
    Buescher Aristocrat 265
    Conn International (Amati stencil)
    Selmer K-Modified (stolen in burglary in Ireland)
    UMI Benge #7 (for sale at Votruba's in Vienna)
    Buescher #9
    Buescher #11 with quick change to A (stolen in burglary in Ireland)

    Pocket Bb trumpets:
    Jupiter, small bell (sold)
    Stomvi Forte (sold)
    Arnold & Sons (Jupiter clone)

    C trumpets:
    Bach Strad 239, with additional slides in Bb and Ab (stolen in Munich)
    Bach Strad rotary C (stolen in burglary in Ireland)
    Stomvi Elite (sold)
    Couesnon Bb/C (for sale at Votruba's in Vienna)
    Gaudet C

    D trumpets:
    DEG Signature (re-sold within two weeks)
    Ganter G3 (sold)
    Stomvi Elite (sold)

    Eb trumpets:
    Stomvi (sold)

    F trumpet:
    Bach Strad (sold)

    G picc:
    Scherzer (sold)
    1966 Selmer

    Bb/A picc:
    1967 Selmer (sold)
    1979 Selmer (sold)
    Besson Kanstul 920 (sold, very much regretted)
    Stomvi Elite (sold)
    Votruba Professional (stolen in Vienna, found and destroyed by police on suspicion of being a bomb)
    ACB Doubler

    Bb cornets:
    Weltklang, with custom made Ab slides (sold)
    Ganter Custom (sold)
    Besson Imperial (in need of restoration)
    Stomvi Elite (sold)
    Ganter rotary cornet (returned to H. Ganter for private collection)
    Besson International (2x)
    Buescher Aristocrat 264
    Jupiter student cornet (sold)
    Elkhart by Buescher (for sale at Votruba's in Vienna)
    Blessing Artist (present to my Scottish godchild)
    Unnamed 1880s HP cornet, with personal engraving

    Eb cornets:
    Besson Imperial (in need of restoration)
    B&H Sovereign Round Stamp bell-tuned Soprano (2x, one stolen in burglary in Ireland, the other sold)
    Ganter Custom

    Ganter G15 (sold)
    Votruba Profi (sold)
    Courtois 154R
    Thomann "Black Jazz" (sold within a week)
    Clemens August Glier Kuhlohorn (almost sold...)

    I think that's it... enjoy.

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  • RE: Building and Repairing

    @_mark_ You can always ask me for help with specific problems. I'll try and help, or find someone who can help.

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  • RE: This is strange.

    I think that this matter is now resolved, and we can close this thread. Agreed?

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