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  • RE: King Silver Flair - Buying Advice

    @trumpetlearner take a look inside the slides. If you see green, that’s calcification that needs to be removed. There is nothing wrong with doing proper maintenance yourself - a regular home clean can extend the time you need between pro cleanings and extend the life of your horn. A professional clean is great in addition, especially if your horn is older or if you tend to have very acidic skin, and also if you play a lot. One never replaces the other - they work together to give you horn a longer life, and a better playing experience for you. Generally, horns will need a pro clean every 1-3yrs depending on your playing and cleaning habits.

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  • RE: King Silver Flair - Buying Advice

    @trumpetlearner >

    I will look around for a local specialist, but it's difficult to know whom to trust with something old/rare - plus most places are closed here at the moment. I've been wondering about that 'professional cleaning'. What is it they do that is so different from a good soaking in soapy warm water, and cleaning out with brushes?

    @j-jericho said in King Silver Flair - Buying Advice:

    @trumpetlearner There's a seller on eBay who sells kits that include felts, corks, and springs. In the notes, it says that if you're not sure if they'll fit your horn, just contact them.

    The difference with a professional cleaning is that we use chemicals after that soap and water bath that help break down calcification that soap and water can’t, followed up by a flushing system to remove all that junk completely. You really don’t want to know what I see flush out of old horns at the end - it’s super nasty! I work on lots of vintage and new horns, and as far as cleaning goes it’s all the same with one exception - don’t clean vintage with ultrasonics. Any possible spots of red rot can open up pinholes in a UC clean, so if I have any suspicions of red rot I do a chemical soak instead.
    As far as cork/felt kits go, no need to buy and install yourself if you take it for a clean, as that is generally included in the cost of the cleaning. Also, I don’t know if they are selling stuff that truly fits or not, and you could end up paying as much or more as from the local shops that really need your support right now. If you don’t know reputable places in your area, check with local musicians, college and/or high school band directors. Always good to start a good relationship with your local techs, and they will go above and beyond to help you when you need them!

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  • RE: King Silver Flair - Buying Advice

    @trumpetlearner Proper measurement is needed for felts and water key corks, so better to leave that to your local tech. Especially during these times, I recommend a professional clean on any used horn before you play it - you don’t know where it’s been or what has been living in it!

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  • RE: 1957 Pristine Selmer K-Modified needs a home

    I agree. Beautiful horn. Sell it for what it's worth. If you do donate -- please give to a VERY deserving student who will take very good care of said horn and appreciate the generosity.

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  • RE: Easter Services

    I played a distanced outdoor service, both solo and with a piano for a few hymns. Wrote my own piccolo obligato for Christ the Lord is Risen Today - went very well! My first gig in a year, so it was super fun to play for people again. My boss and I have also started a reading brass quintet - maybe if we’re lucky we’ll actually get to perform at some point! I’m clearly the one in the group that has stayed on a regular practice schedule through the pandemic, but they are all good musicians and I’m sure they will bounce back pretty quickly now that they have some incentive. We all had so much fun at our reading session last week! Maybe we should call ourselves the Vaccinated Brass....🤔😆

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  • RE: mickvanflugel is back

    Did A-N-A Mendez ever make his way back?

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  • RE: Jackie Gleason Plays Cornet

    @tjcombo said in Jackie Gleason Plays Cornet:

    Apart from the funny, cornety bits, a couple of things struck me in that video.. First was what a great quality clip it was. Not sure whether the originally episode was on film or maybe it was restored.
    The other was Gleeson's character waving his fist in his wife's face on a coupler of occasions. What was funny and normal has certainly changed, dare I suggest, for the better.

    Right? Granted, I don't think the schtick was that he actually threatened her, but it's an interesting cultural thing to note.

    I liked the message of the episode as a whole.

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  • RE: KGU Brass Mod Kits & Boosters

    Wow, beautiful. I feel the desire to refurb my Radial now.

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  • RE: What have I here?

    I don't know. I thought he was in Utah, turns out he is in Texas. So I guess I'll never know.

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  • What have I here?

    I reached out to this man (he speaks Spanish) about these trumpets for sale. The only one which interests me is the silver-plated horn in the middle. He told me that it's a "Coon" [sic] -- obviously it's a Conn, but I am keen to know which model. It looks fairly nice and if he only wants $150 could be a steal.

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