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  • I thought about this for a while before starting this thread. A vintage Bach club thread was started in the fall of 2019, but this one is simply for Bach brass instruments.

    My single Bach is a Model 180S37, which is as common as they come. It is from no noteworthy period of time, having been manufactured several years prior to the Bach strike in April of 2006. I bought it used earlier this year. it appears to have been carried about more than played, but is still in good shape. Of my three Bb trumpets, it produces the best sound in my ears. I play it with a Curry 3C. mouthpiece. I tried a half dozen or so mouthpieces before settling on the Curry. The 37 is not as friendly for me ergonomically as my other two Bb’s, but I am adapting. It is simply a good old horn and I find myself playing it more and more.

    600E19BB-C8EF-49B9-8DDD-55FF3EAF5622.jpeg 41AB3AF1-863E-432D-AA13-BA74EE98869A.jpeg 2CE25E0D-D593-4BE4-A330-A6B2931C15F9.jpeg

  • I own 4 vintage Bach trumpets. The 43 has been my mail trumpet since the mid-70s.

    Bach 1974 Stradivariuis lightweight 43 Bb Trumpet
    Bach 1980 Stradivariuis 239 CML Trumpet
    Bach 1965 Stradivarius 37 Bb Trumpet
    Bach 1947 Stradivariuis NY 67 Bb Cornet


    Bach 1974.jpg
    Bach 1980.jpg
    Bach 1965.jpg
    Bach 1947.jpg

  • Ok, here are the three I own:

    1976 43 ML Stradivarius Bb trumpet

    1982 239 ML Stradivarius C trumpet

    1993 184G L Stradivarius Bb cornet

  • Hey @Dale-Proctor ... I forgot that we both own a lightweight 43 and an ML bore C trumpet.

    I'm a little jealous of that 184G cornet. 😉


  • @tmd yes Mike, I remember the similarities in our instrument choices. Great minds think

    The 184G is a sweet little cornet, and pretty, too. I ditched the too-small original case shortly after I joined a brass band and bought that Jakob Winter case in the picture. It’s really nice and has room for a K&M stand (not in the bell), 3 mutes, valve oil, music glasses, music, and mouthpieces.

  • I have been playing my three Bb trumpets on a rotating basis. This week I am playing my Strad, with a Bach 3C mouthpiece. I set aside the Curry 3C. I had been using due to some frustrations that the Bach 3C appears to have relieved. As noted in the OP, my Strad showed little sign of serious playing time before I became its owner. Really, I have been breaking it in and modifying it to suit my tastes. I replaced the dump slide in the third valve slide assembly with another (from Bach) with a water key. I also replaced the second valve slide with a Bach replacement. The third valve slide assembly was stiff to the point where it was not useful for tuning purposes. I remedied this condition with regular lubrication and cycling. It works well now. Playing the Strad this week has been satisfying. I strike notes accurately and cleanly. The sound produced is great. The valves function flawlessly. Perhaps one day I’ll get to use it in Community Band once again. Until then, it has become a most enjoyable instrument for daily practice.


  • I have a few Bachs, one of which is in my signature because it is my go-to whenever I need that standard Bach sound. The full list is:

    2009/10 180SMLV72G with the 25 pipe
    alt text

    1988 TR-300 (when I was first trying to get a sound out of a trumpet, a good friend suggested I use this, his middle-school horn, instead of a 1919 Holton I had rebuilt from lamp parts using plumbing tools)
    alt text

    1970 Early Elkhart 25 (this horn is now at that same friend's home in Texas - hopefully this virus thing will pass and I can get both a badly needed vacation and a chance to play that 25 again)
    alt text

    1964 Mt. Vernon 180-37 (despite my supplying him several alternatives including a great AW Stage 470LT, my Dad is happiest playing this old, yet still all one could ask for Bach 37)
    alt text

    1963 Mt Vernon 43 (my baby)
    alt text

    1956 Byron Autrey's customized NY-wrap Mt. Vernon 37 (more open blow, looser slotting, sweet tone - a joy to play)
    alt text

  • What a fine collection of Bach’s, OSE! Among them, that 64 MV 180-37 particularly captures my attention. Thank you for posting the pictures!


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