New pocket trumpet for me!

  • Just arrived today!
    Finally pulled the trigger a bought one. These things are as cute as can be! Really didn’t expect such a big sound but wow. And the blow is just really open, I figured they’d be stuffy little guys but not at all.
    Just spent like an hour and half just putting it through the paces, couldn’t put it down it was so much fun. And it is fairly comfortable to hold. I can’t wait to perform with it.
    And there’s just something about the smell of a new horn when you open the case. And the little quick slide and thumb ring work flawlessly. Only needed it for the low C# according to the tuner. Can’t wait to see how it blends!

  • Qualified Repair Techs

    What brand?

  • Yes. Did white gloves come with it? 😁

  • Yes white gloves came with it.

    It’s a Mendini. I don’t think it’s a JinBao horn though

    Just had to have one. These things are way more fun than I expected. I think though I will put it down for the night. I’ve been playing the hell out of it and now my lips are quite wore out.

    Got the nickel finish which looks fantastic, just slightly darker? somehow than silver.

    Anything different from silver as far as maintaining? Will nickel tarnish? It doesn’t seem to pick up my fingerprints like my silver horns do.

    Though they are relatively comfortable to hold after a few hours it is kinda cramping to the hand

  • @djeffers78 Congratulations on the new horn!


  • @djeffers78 Congrats. Keep it lubed, and tolerate its shortcomings. It's not like you had to take out a home improvement loan to swing the purchase price. Bottom line... pocket trumpets can be fun if they function reasonably well, and it seems as if fun's why you bought it. Enjoy!

  • Thanks guys.
    So far no short comings. I did worry that I’d get it and have to send it back until I got one that had good valve action but I got a good one straight out of the gate.
    If any of you are familiar with Humana health insurance and the Go365 app you might know the deal I got.
    I actually paid nothing for the horn. Just for staying fit and active this year I earned so many points that I got a rebate on my premium and rewards in the form of e-gift cards
    Definitely fun! Also I’ll now have a practice horn for in my work van

  • We need pictures. Hope to see the horn in person at the next Cincinnati Trumpet Hang!

  • ![alt text](18B23850-8B99-4898-BB1F-10010503E598.jpeg image url)

  • Cool!
    I didn’t think that would work. I’ll have to put some better pics up. That was just a quick snap I sent to a buddy.
    I do hope to be at the next Cincy trumpet hang. I’ve not heard any news though

  • Well just to keep it going.
    I’ve played only this new Mendini for well I guess the tim of this thread.
    Figure I’ll give a bit of a review since none really exist
    Seems with all Chinese horns one of the valve stems are not in the center of the cap.
    This is the second time a Chinese trumpet came to me where one of the casings were rotated so the valve guide was 30°out from the others
    Two different serial numbers stamped on the same casing?
    Slides still move quite well as do the valves.
    Gloves don’t fit!

    Just a thought though...
    I wonder if they sound as good out front as they do from 8” behind the bell

  • @djeffers78 said in New pocket trumpet for me!:

    Gloves don’t fit!...
    ... I'm shocked. SHOCKED!

    Just a thought though...
    I wonder if they sound as good out front as they do from 8” behind the bell...
    ...There's a way for you to resolve this.... 😏

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