Dr. Mark, now A Former User

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    Just to clear up things before any misunderstandings crop up.

    In the thread about graduate schools Dr. Mark became unnecessarily and personally abusive to Kehaulani. He was asked to apologize and avoid abusive language (in a Private Message), was then warned publicly and became directly abusive to me and refused to adhere to the Rule of Respect. He left one last very abusive message and left.

  • Thanks for the information, and for all of your help. This action was a long time in coming.


  • Can you please keep him at that status? I have had my fill of him as well, some personal abuse I might add.

  • I get Dr. Mark's and Dr. GO's backgrounds confused. Which is which, please.

    (Also, if I'm not mistaking, tmd is also a physician, correct?)

  • @Kehaulani said in Dr. Mark, now A Former User:

    I get Dr. Mark's and Dr. GO's backgrounds confused. Which is which, please.

    (Also, if I'm not mistaking, tmd is also a physician, correct?)

    I am a physician. Double boarded in internal medicine and pediatrics recently retired from an academic medicine position where I taught all 4 years of classes to medical students, served as a combined medicine-pediatrics residency director and as the founder and director of the adult Cystic Fibrosis program. I additionally taught evidence based medicine statistics and integrated jazz improvisation into the medical school curriculum to improve patient-physician communication. I also had an appointment at the School of Professional Psychology teaching their doctoral students on personality disorders and somatization disorders. I am now in private practice with a family medicine group making the big bucks!

  • Dr Mark has a doctorate in psychology. He also taught in a university setting, as well as statistics, and then retired as well. He is devoting much of his time now to music, teaching, performing and inventing accessories for the trumpet. He is a very brilliant man, as I have met him personally. He is also very troubled at this time and my heart goes out to him hoping he can find his way back.

  • Tmd is a physician. He is double boarded in internal medicine and emergency medicine. He also works in a university setting but more focused toward a clinical position. He is a gifted musician as well, multi-talented, and was honored as well by visiting him on several occasions, and once invited to sit in with his band at a club they play at regularly on the weekends.

  • It’s pretty easy to keep straight - Dr. Mark used to be on “go” all the time, but now he’s gone. Dr GO is the board’s comedian. 😁

  • Psychology? Wow.

  • The biggest thing I learned from my first chamber music experience wasn't intonation or listening, but appropriately listening to and responding to constructive criticism and other points of view.

    That is what brings us from players to musicians.

    I have the feeling Dr. M was more of a trumpet player than musician.

  • We could sit here talking about a former/banned member all day...but what is the point? Gossip? Trash talk? I would hope we’re better than that.

    I suggest we move on to conversation and topics that are actually interesting and worthwhile!

  • Avoid this thread is my advice. I miss the other place and when I come here I am off balance, but I know enough to know that this thread. which I am suggesting you avoid, doesn't further trumpet anything. Each time I visit here I am reminded of the frequent friction which characterized TM. What is it with us? (Are you STILL reading?)
    Plus the interface blows (not a good thing).

  • Well. veery, you say to avoid this thread (which I'm going to do - just had a question to keep people straight) yet you say you keep coming back to it. Is there something wrong with this picture? 😉

  • What ever happened to the legendary (especially in his own mind) Michael E. Schmidt?

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    @Brian-Moon said in Dr. Mark, now A Former User:

    What ever happened to the legendary (especially in his own mind) Michael E. Schmidt?

    Possibly the same as to KT Kurt Thompson who was of a similar persuasion.

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    OK, I think this topic has now been discussed enough. Let's get on with our regular business - discussing trumpets, trumpet playing, being good friends and how to avoid trolls.

    Topic locked.

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