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  • Okay, time for all you Conn fans to show and tell about the great Conn trumpets, cornets, and/or flugelhorns you own, used to own, or played.

    I’ll get it started with my favorite one, a 1962 Conn 9A Victor cornet. Pretty to look at, plays beautifully. Coprion bell and leadpipe, huge .484” bore. They were made only a couple years, so they are pretty rare, especially in this condition.




  • My beat-up 1953 80A is not much to look at, although it plays ok. It's been fun working on its funky valve setup. Likewise my 1959 28A is no looker, but plays well. I don't think, however, that I've posted pix of my 1903-ish Connqueror on this site. I told the story on TM about how ugly and smelly the horn and case were when it was given to me. It really plays quite well.


    And after a LOT of cleaning:

  • Dale, no matter how pretty that horn is they sucked. I'll lesson the blow, just because it's you, and take it off your hands for thirty-five bucks.

  • @Kehaulani
    That’s pretty tempting, but I’ll pass for now...lol

  • Qualified Repair Techs

    That Connquerer is pretty! I’m working on a New Invention Circus Bore right now in silver and gold with lovely engraving. It’ll be up on our shop blog soon. I have a few nice Conns of my own I’ll have to post later, once I’m done working for the day.

  • Conn, aw, I tell you, I played a 1953 Constellation 28B for 12 years until I quit playing in 1965. To this day I kick my ass for selling it. It just seemed I could do anything with it, and it always sounded great. I own a 1999 Conn Vintage One that comes close to the 28B, but still not quite there.
    I've shown the Vintage One before, but here it is again :

    Conn Vintage 1 Trumpet.jpg

  • @flugelgirl said in C. G. Conn Club:

    That Connquerer is pretty! I’m working on a New Invention Circus Bore right now in silver and gold with lovely engraving.

    Oddly, the Connquerer has no decorative engraving; all that's on the bell is "Made by CG Conn, Elkhart Ind." But it does have a gold wash bell. Of course, a 115 year old horn doesn't come with instructions. Until recently, I foolishly assumed (because I never really tested it) that the two tuning slides were for low/high pitch and that the tuner that runs between the first and third valves was for A/B flat. But that actually doesn't work. The tuning slides are for A/B flat, and the extra tuner is for low/high pitch. With the long tuning slide, you can't quite make it up to B flat -- just a high pitch A. With the short slide, you get low and high pitch B flat.

  • 1960 6B Victor, original lacquer. Great instrument, just like the one I had in high school. Basically a Connstellation without the trigger and nickel plated bell.


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  • @flugelgirl said in C. G. Conn Club:

    My most recent Bench blog post...

    That is truly beautiful. Sort of at the opposite end of the "extras" spectrum than my Connqueror. Did you add the modern water key springs? Mine has springs that are integral to the lever--I wonder when they switched to modern springs.

    Needless to say, Amanda, you do nice work. 😃

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    @Shifty Thanks! This one was built for modern water key springs. I replaced all felts, corks and water key springs - old ones were deteriorated. It’s been cleaned, polished, and I removed some small dents. This one is available for purchase and should be listed some time next week. If anyone is interested they can contact the shop via email or Facebook message - the boss would be happy to make a deal before it lists, as it saves us time and money!

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    This post is deleted!

  • Here’s one I used to own, a 1954 Conn 80A Victor cornet. I bought it mainly because it was an inexpensive (needed a few repairs) way to try one out. Nice instrument, sort of halfway between a cornet and trumpet, but I found I really didn’t have much of a use for it and eventually sold it. It’s pretty easy to achieve the same sound with a cornet or two that I already have just by using a C cup mouthpiece on them.



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    Here’s my newest addition - a 1947 80A. Plays as pretty as it looks!
    E3EC3E7A-B60D-4DD1-9F80-A65FF1902732.jpeg E6FB643B-4F1D-45D0-88EA-20C09C08A286.jpeg 42763C13-493B-474D-AD1D-21AED50C2FDE.jpeg

  • OK, here are a few Conns from my collection:

    Conn Solo Wonder (1880s)
    Conn 1888 Wonder Case.JPG

    A Couple Conn Perfected Wonders (originated 1906)
    Conn 1906 Perfected Wonders.JPG

    1908 Conn Conqueror
    Conn 1908 Connquerer.JPG

    1909 Conn Wonderphone
    Conn 1909 Wonderphone Long.JPG

    1910 Conn symphony Trumpet
    Conn 1910-11 Symphony.jpg

    1918 Conn Military Trumpet
    Conn 1918 USQMC.jpg

    1920s Conn American Legion Bugle
    Conn 1920s 11L Bb Am Legion Bugle.jpg

    1922 Conn 5B
    Conn 1922 5B in case.JPG

    1924 Conn 22B New York Symphony
    Conn 1924 22B NYS.JPG

    1926 Con 26B
    Conn 1926 26B.jpg

    1928 Conn Cavalier
    Conn 1928 Cavalier.JPG

    1928 Conn 24B Opera
    Conn 1928 Opera 24B.JPG

    1932 Conn 10B New Era
    Conn 1932 New Era 10B.JPG

    1937 Conn 2B New World Symphony
    Conn 1937 2B.JPG

    1937 Conn 48B Vocabell
    Conn 1937 48B Vocabell trumpet.jpg

    1952 Conn 22B
    Conn 1952 22B.JPG

    1954 Conn 28B Connstellation
    Conn 1954 Connstellation 28B.jpg

    1957 Conn 38B Connstellation
    Conn 1957 Connstellation 38B in case.jpg

    1972 Conn severinsen
    Conn 1972 Severinsen 1980 1000B.jpg

    Though I am really more of a King and Holton collector

  • Here’s another one I recently sold. It went to a friend of mine who doesn’t play, but collects various musical instruments. 1969 Conn 76A Connquest cornet, same basic wrap as an Olds Recording cornet. I advertised it here and numerous other sites for months and finally sold it cheap. ☹



  • A trio of 1960s Conn short cornets. Left to right - 1962 Conn 9A Victor, 1969 Conn 76A Connquest, 1962 Conn 5A Victor customized with copper-plated bell.


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