Digital music innovation in Corona times

  • What other things are musicians getting up to, now that there are no gigs anymore?

    I love this kind of initiative which shows how creativity can be stimulated by restrictions. Suddenly, they have time to pursue video production because regular rehearsals and concerts are prohibited!

    (I guess it goes without saying that Sweden only banned crowds over 50 people, so far. It still seems a little risky to seat more than one player per car but at least they're not breaking any laws.)

    A musician friend of mine is giving 30-minute concerts on Facebook once a week. She live streams, and people can send in donations via the local equivalent of Paypal. I guess it is paying off decently enough because she's now going on five weeks. She's also given (paid) "balcony gigs" at a home for the elderly. That is, the patients are on their balconies, and she played outside.

  • Thomas Gansch is doing concerts from his living room, live streamed every Saturday, soliciting donations.
    This one with Georg Breinschmid is crazy at times, brilliant always. Music starts at ca 8.55. How can they mix bebop with polka, and at that tempo?

  • Cool idea. Except for the political crap, there are a lot of fresh ideas springing up everywhere. I hope we don't just go back to our respective ruts after Corona but really see this as a game changer.

  • Is this innovation? Haven‘t we been doing stuff like this for a long while? There is more of it maybe than in the past, but innovative? I don‘t think so. It is fun!

  • The technique may not be particularly innovative but the application, that of sharing to such a wide extent, is.

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