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  • RE: The "Circle of Breath"

    @Dr-GO We must be careful with ANY machines or athletic programs for muscle development. Playing the trumpet IS physical, but is fine motor activity. Building a 6 pack is mostly contraproductive as we learn to use ever more force in conjunction with our body. We need thousands of „lowest“ impact reps to develop the patterns for playing to keep tension down and still get enough development. The prepared body is something earned in this special way. I avoid all advanced development with the Circle of Breath. It is potentially detrimental as most of us do not understand the connections between body and mind that are also developed in very small steps.

    This low impact „requirement“ is actually something for life in general. Really good yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique teachers only work this way. Our bad body habits are also built a little more slouch every day. Fixing them is not by force, rather gently.

    That all being said, there are many fine players that work out intensively. We have to know that they did not build their playing habits this way. Once we are at a high level of playing, our bodies are very resilient. This fact has resulted in many „brute force“ embouchure and playing methods over time. They have not withstood the test of time!

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  • RE: Jupiter 520m Shephards crook cornet

    Is there a link?

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  • RE: The "Circle of Breath"

    Thank you for digging this out. I had as much fun putting it originally together as many had after using it for a while.

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  • RE: a new way to learn scales (and a bunch of other stuff in the process)

    @Kehaulani said in a new way to learn scales (and a bunch of other stuff in the process):

    "A new way?" Where's rowuk.

    Rowuk has been in the wings (probably something wished for by many at TrumpetMaster back in the day), just watching where this stuff goes. As we can clearly see, history repeats itself.

    Scales, modes and triads are a great way to build patterns - although not new, most of us will admit that we do not practice them enough. Certainly worthy of a post in pedagogy.

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    That now worked for me too!

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    I can log in with my MacMini, but no longer with my iPad. I have changed the password, reinstalled Safari, rebooted - it simply does not work. I have found no google info on similar issues.

    I get the log in screen, enter user ROWUK and password, it just sits there.

    I suspect some hidden credential that does not allow multiple devices. Probably a setting for the admin somewhere.

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    @OldSchoolEuph said in LOGGING-IN PROBLEMS:

    Well, changing my password does indeed seem to do the trick.

    Question is, what if you get locked out - create a new account all the time? Doesn't seem like a good approach.

    I wonder if this situation has any connection to how much shorter the list of those posting these days is relative to the list of registered users . . . .

    No, I'm not sure why people are getting locked out. I will look into it. If you feel the need to create a second account that's fine; I can delete it fairly easily anyway.

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    That's strange. I can reset your password, if you want.

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  • RE: Stagg cornets

    Just say no!

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  • RE: Valve oils

    I successfully use LaTromba T2 (new bottle), Ultra Pure, Hetmans (various thicknesses) and Monster (various thicknesses). LaTromba T2 is the cheapest (in Europe). I buy it by the case.

    They are all "equal" on my horns if applied properly. They are much faster than my fingers, last for at least a week of heavy playing. I have no sticking or other artifacts.

    Horns that I use these oils on:
    Bach 229CL
    Selmer Radial 2°
    Monette Raja C
    Getzen Eterna 4 valve flugel
    Cheap chinese pocket trumpet
    All of my rotary trumpets

    I also use these oils to keep my natural trumpet slides and bows from oxidizing together.

    Clean horn first, wait until it is bone dry, apply oil sparingly. Never mix oils and greaes on the same horn.
    It is not rocket science and I have no preference - maybe I am simply not good enough to notice? Maybe I simply do not have a "need" to have a preference?

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