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  • Hi, I'm contemplating replacing the receiver on my Sovereign Studio because of the following; I have read that mouthpieces goes into those a little further. My mp sits 3/16" further in than let's say my Bach strad also. In any case the main slide sits about 5/8" + + out to be in tune. Is this cause to change it out ? if so, where would I start looking for a replacement receiver? gap on both horns look to be close with mp inserted...am I over complicating things?

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    @tptguy Before you do anything drastic: What kind of mouthpiece are you using? Perhaps it's just the mp that does not suit the instrument. And which Bach Strad are you playing? Shepherd's Crook as well?

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    If the gap is OK it just means the the receivers are different lengths. Nothing to get worked up about. Your current receiver is fine.

  • Thank you for your inputs.
    Barliman: I use a Giardinelli New York 6sv screw rim, my Bach is a '74 Stradivarius Lt trumpet, not a cornet ...The Sovereign is a Studio model trumpet , not a B&H sovereign cornet.

    Ivan: thank you for your usual insight into trumpeter's OCD

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