Have you ever heard an Augmented Trumpet? Here's your chance (check out the video) :(

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    I do not share shop videos normally but this one is particularly important for me to share... It's getting to back-to-school season and "new horn" season as well. This horn demonstrates that just because the horn looks cool it might not play cool. This is the famous "Augmented trumpet" we received as a trade in from ITG. The horn's terrible playability really messed with my head. In these days where so many students quit band I have to think some of the reasons are the just terrible quality instruments they are buying online.

    PLEASE do yourself a favor and stay informed of just what's out there on the marketplace. We are always here for you if you ever have questions.

  • @ACB Very informative review. Not pleasing to the ear, even with you playing. Was the above photo taken after you tried to correct the design? b954d566-1656-433c-bd85-779771fea8b0-image.png

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    Sounds fine to me. Just like a bagpipe should.

  • Saw the facebook entry. Lose the heavy caps and replace the leadpipe and receiver and the horn would be well on its way to at least being in tune. This problem pops up even with professional trumpets. Monke rotary Bb and C trumpets occasionally had the same issue. The G on my natural trumpet is "naturally a bit high". Not quite this much, but it does require attention on a regular basis.

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