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  • RE: I bought a fairly rare trumpet

    @j-jericho said in I bought a fairly rare trumpet:

    @administrator Did you get multiple leadpipes with it?

    I actually do not know. I assume not.

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  • RE: Updates & A Question

    We have 2 new mods now!

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  • RE: I bought a fairly rare trumpet


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  • I bought a fairly rare trumpet

    Well...I did it again. I bought another trumpet when I should not have!

    Here is what I purchased:

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  • RE: Repair Shop Special - parts for sale

    Hey @Lotsahorns , what are you thinking you'd like to get for the whole lot?

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  • Updates & A Question

    Hello everybody, here are some updates from your administrator:

    1. I have been enjoying South America, but also have decided it's not the right place for me to establish a permanent residency. I will be moving back to the USA in a few weeks.
    2. Server maintenance is still ongoing. I will be updating the software soon, as well as working on some visual glitches, features, etc. Please post any suggestions or comments about such things in a separate thread; I would prefer to keep comments about the design and/or functionality out of this particular sticky.
    3. I am starting a new blog for Comeback trumpeters called, "The Comeback Trumpeter." Keep an eye out for that!

    4) I would like to plan a TB "hang" for anybody who is interested. I am thinking the best option would likely be the 2023 ITG Conference. We could do a full day or 1/2 day get together and reserve our own conference room. Please let me know if this interests you at all as it will need to be planned in advance, as well as the financial considerations. If this goes well, who knows? Maybe we'll make it a yearly tradition.

    1. Unfortunately, as this site has grown, we have seen an increase in spam / bots. I now require new users to wait for my manual approval. Most of the time I can quickly tell if it's a bot, but if something gets through, please feel free to flag it ASAP.
    2. One more thing -- the number one comment / issue I see (besides spam 😞 ) is that people can't figure out how to post photos. If it's a photo already on the Internet, just use the "photo" feature on the new post view. It's right next to the "link (chain)" icon. If the photo is on your computer / phone, all you need to do is drag it to the post and it will say if it failed or succeeded. It's that simple!
    3. As we grow, the site gets a bit more expensive to run. I want everybody to know that this site is a net negative for me -- I don't make any profit at all; I actually lose a bit of money each month. It's not much, but it's growing. For now, I want to avoid obnoxious ads (even though I could probably make over $1k a month from them) and rely solely on donations. Soon, you will see a "donate now" button on the top of the home page. Please donate if you have any inkling to do so!
    4. I am looking for one or two more moderators, if anybody is interested please reach out to me. The pay is 10x what it used to be! (0 x 10 = 0) 😜

    Thank you to everybody! We have some exciting growth happening and I would like to see TB become the "go-to" hub for all things trumpet on the web.

    Austin B. (administrator)

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  • What does a work of art look like? posted in High Trumpets (Eb
  • RE: Symphonic Recording of the Week

    Wow, I am utterly speechless. What a beautiful performance.

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  • Olds Club

    Thread for ongoing discussions / photos, etc regarding vintage Olds trumpets.

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  • RE: Martin Committee Club

    @tjcombo said in Martin Committee Club:

    I joined the Committee club during lockdown about a year back with this beauty. It was a roll-of-the-dice purchase. A couple of patches of missing lacquer made it look a bit suss. At the price - USD1600, I thought it might be worth throwing some money at it for repairs.
    It arrived in its original case which is currently being restored. Turns out to be straight as a die, very little wear on the valves and fits me like a glove. It’s been my daily player since it arrived and has just come back from a chemical clean and valve alignment.
    It was made in my year of birth which makes it even more special to me.86290673-2701-4D38-B3A6-E3DF5E272CD6.jpeg

    What year / bore size? I think you got a great deal.

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