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    If you live in the United States and have a few extra minutes once a month or so, please consider joining Bugles Across America, a service organization dedicated to providing live buglers at Military Funerals and Functions. I have personally performed for several veterans' funerals, as well as a number of Veteran's Day celebrations. It is always satisfying and, occasionally, you get free food! 👍


  • @administrator I have served in that group.

  • A well-respected organization. Playing Taps is always a profoundly rewarding experience.

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    Thank you for serving. I recently had the opportunity to go to my grandfather's funeral. He was definitely an American patriot and served in the National Guard of Missouri. I very much love and miss this man. When we arrived at the graveside to inter his body, there was a local veterans unit there to give him the gun salute (I don't know exactly how many shots were fired.) One man had a fake bugle, and it was my privilege to tell him that his services were not necessary, since I would be performing taps on a real bugle. That was a great experience.

  • A lot of hard feelings about using fake bugles, but I hope that doesn't extend to the people who have given their time and resources to acting in absence of real buglers.

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    Certainly you can't fault those who do their best.

  • I'm a member. I've sounded Taps several times for veterans. It was an extreme honor and a miniscule service compared to the debt I owe them. 'Not impressed with the response from state-level management though. Numerous texts ignored, etc. When they want something, it's urgent, when you need something - crickets. But that's typical human nature.

  • @OldKing said in Bugles Across America:

    When they want something, it's urgent, when you need something - crickets. But that's typical human nature.

    I'm not sure that tendency isn't usually overcome by professionalism, though. This doesn't have to be that way, but I'm sorry if it is.

  • I am a member - decided to join when MH370 went down off the WA coast, and thought there may be a need for a Bugler. Bought a Getzen Field Bugle. I have never been called upon, but have introduced an American friend from New York City who has emigrated here.

    I play regularly for ANZAC Day on the British Bugle.
    Still enjoy the BAA Newsletters, and always ready - if needed.

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