How about a forum for Curio and Relic horns?

  • Lots of guys and gals have more than one or two horns and aren't ashamed to let people know it. One of the things most noticable about the old site was how people would list them.... the ones they were proud of a regular feature of every post they made. I mention Martin Committee perhaps as an example of the pinnacle on a lot of peoples list...even for those who don't have one. It's famous and very desirable as well a being pretty old. However, there are a lot of historic trumpets floating around worth saving. Take a look at this list of "famous" players over time and the horns they played

    How about a forum to itself for trumpets as historical curiosities and objects of collection. Take a look at that link I posted. Take a look at some of those horns that show up over and over going back to the first great modern trumpet players. Anybody compare a King Liberty, for instance, to some of the most fawned over horns today? Some of you probably never even heard of a King Liberty much less held one in your hands or put a mouthpiece in one and raised it to your lips an tried it out.

    A forum for old horns, played by famous people or nobody famous at all, could be an adjunct to an interest not often fully a forum for the Horn-u-copia guys like me. Point out the workmanship, the curious wraps, the stenciles, the unknown makers, the characteristics that point out to origin of any horn.

  • i started picking up old trumpets a few years ago, just being amazed at all the different types and designs. Most aren't famous;) I still love to line them up and see the differences, as well as the similarities.

  • @Niner I would fully support a forum that looked at the "vintage" side of life. Not only looking at who has what, but serving as a point of reference for people like myself, wanting detailed info on specific instruments. There is a wealth of knowledge in our community, that could be more fully utilized.

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    Don't we have something like this already?

  • Was watching "The Adventure's of Buckaroo Banzai on YouTube yesterday. ( i was a bit stressed and wanted to clear my head) A young Peter Weller played a solo on a pocket trumpet around the 19 minute mark. I remember reading he actually plays. Rather than a list of actors who play, how many played in a movie?

  • Weller solo at 1:20

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  • I can't believe no one ripped me for watching such a cheesy movie;)

  • Why not? I've seen Roadhouse probably over fifteen times. Stopped counting at thirteen on Calamity Jane. 👹

  • @N1684T said in How about a forum for Curio and Relic horns?:

    I can't believe no one ripped me for watching such a cheesy movie;)

    On the contrary. My recent retirement has provided me the time to make up for having missed out on a great deal of culture. I watched Buckaroo Banzai for the first time yesterday. Loved every minute of it 👍 😀

  • Somehow i missed it back in the day too. The Youtube one is the first time i saw it. Corny, but GREAT at the same time. I loved the band scene with Weller and the pocket trumpet too.

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