• Has anyone here figured out the JamKazam app? It is supposed to allow you to actually play along with other people in real time via the internet. I can't seem to make it work, but then I don't really have the necessary hardware. I'd like to be sure it works before I put money into the hardware.

  • Looks to me that it's not worth the trouble at the present time.

  • I played with it back in March. I have a USB mic, so I didn't need their hardware. It works best with a hard-wired network connection, and doesn't work as well over WiFi or G4. But even with an good connection, it was marginal at best.

    There was a slight delay, which took some getting used to, but sort of worked. However, when I played with a drummer, the native sound from the drums seemed horribly out-of-sync with what was transmitted.


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