New Orleans Brass Music/Second Line Charts?

  • Hey!

    I work with a group that plays a lot in this style in Columbus OH, we call ourselves the NACHO Band (Stands for Nationwide Children's Hospital Orchestra). We play a lot of gigs raising money and awareness for children and children's projects at the hospital, Ronald McDonald house and other similar charities etc.

    Does anyone else play in this style and have some charts they could share? Especially stuff in the style of groups like Rebirth Brass Band, Broken Brass Ensemble, Hot 8 etc. I am familiar with the Preservation Hall Band Book and stuff on Musescore and have written several out myself that I am happy to share as well, but I am hoping the collective might have some others to share too!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Dave Greer and the Classic Jazz Stompers are a group of musicians here in Dayton, Ohio that play this venue exclusively. I am not a member of that band but truly support their effort to spread the word!

  • The Creole Jazz Band offers free copies of their fake books in all relevant keys. If you can’t find them on line, just pm me and I can help you out.

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