Saint Jacome's

  • Anyone working or have worked in it. Back in the Day I started on it after Arbans (my teacher's choice). I did not get very far. So along with other things I started on it again. I set a goal of getting through the "Twelve Grand Artistic Studies" done by the end of Summer. Not only are they hard and require endurance..they don't "flow". So it requires mega repeating.

  • I have it and I have used it. IMO it shouldn't be eclipsed by Arban. Whatever. I have used it just because it's not Arban, Williams etc. That's not to diss Arban, just to say that St. Jacome is a nice respite.

  • @Kehaulani Yea..I think Williams is great. I really do think that every section of Saint Jacomes is more difficult than the equivalent Arban's section. I am not Gods gift to music but I can pick any piece in Arbans and play it reasonably well (at my skill level). Believe it or not they come back after 50+ years. St Jacomes stuff just does not "flow". I just can't do that with Jacome (that I did back in the day.)

    Again just me.

  • Included in Saint Jacome are N. Bousquet's 36 Celebrated Studies for Cornet. Back in the day I probably got through maybe a half dozen. And they came right back. Played each of them with relatively few mistakes. Then I did the others. Actually not too bad bc the "flow" well. I am going to concentrate on them for the rest of the summer.

    I had started on Jacome's Twelve Grand Artistic Studies. I over did it. Killed my lip for a week. Not ready for them.

    Interesting that Bousquet's Studies were written sometime between 1851 to 1864. I love to play old stuff!!

  • St. Jacome is the original "velocity studies" book for the cornet. It is most certainly a method dedicated to perfection by repetition. It has been one of my staples for the last 45 years (I just happen to think in the way that the book is intended)

    Just like the Arban, it was not intended for "self study" rather conservatory study with a professor monitoring.

  • I am really into Bousquet's Studies. Have spent about 6 weeks on them. They are not the hardest studies out there. That honor (for me) might go to Saint Jacome's 12 Grand Artistic Studies.

    But I believe if you wanted to you could work on them for months and months. They contain everything. Any of numbers of different time signatures, wierd metering, Everything from Key of C to 5 flats or 5 sharps. Accidentals all over the place. Lots of Turns, mordents, and grace notes. Just love them. And the beauty is written in 1851. Just amazing etudes (to me)

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