Killer Trumpet Players You've Never Heard of

  • This is great! Here's people that are under the radar that's just fantastic. Just this site alone will increase the number of trumpet players you know of by a bunch! Oh and don't forget. If you hear a special lick or sound, you're free to take it. If you can hear it, you can have it. With that said, "Have at it"

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    Most pros are "in the trenches." Just ask yourself -- who plays 2nd trumpet in your nearest professional orchestra?

  • There is a guy by the name of Leo LaBranche. Actually , if you google the name there is another by that same name in a total other profession to ignore relative to the guy I'm thinking about. Leo sold me a cornet one time without me knowing anything about him. We sent some emails back and forth about the transaction and I got to know some things about him. He had a long recording history and even had his own studio once that he had to relinquish the name to because a conflict with trademark on the name. He's composted music and played on and or arranged a lot of records for well known artists.

    He sent me a cd with the rough cuts from an album he was producing with his solo trumpet lead parts. That was a half dozen or more years ago and so he must have put the project on the back burner. What he sent me was cool and melodic and sounded polished to my unprofessional ear. Many of the jazz numbers were of his own composition and other standards like Tangerine mixed in. The cuts reminded me of Miles Davis. He's disappeared from the internet it seems. If it ever shows up give it a listen.

    While it occurs to me, Leo got his start years ago with Barnum and Bailey and was the lead trumpet with the Circus as a very young man.


  • As I was walking across a field with my girl friend from one major New Orleans Jazz Festival venue to another to hear Joe Henderson, we approached a little kiosk with a band playing. I didn't know who they were, they were in their late teens. But they were playing their butts off.

    I told my girl friend, "Hear those guys? Just to show you how unreliable the music business is, you may never hear from these guys again, but they are absolutely world class". We listened for a while and as they were breaking set, I met one and told him how much I enjoyed their playing. He invited me to a jam session later in the night. Nice guy.

    They were the Marsalis' brothers. 😱

  • @Kehaulani said in Killer Trumpet Players You've Never Heard of:

    He invited me to a jam session later in the night. Nice guy.
    They were the Marsalis' brothers.

    The Marsalis' are an aggressive bunch when it comes to cutting contests. It comes from their Dad. So how did you fare that night?

  • I would never tell.
    Did go to sleep with a smile on my face, though.

  • Here is one of my favorite Trumpet Players I would never have heard of if it wasn't for my morning workouts that I listen to to keep my pace up an the Elliptical while listening to Luna (Latino Jazz). It is Pete Rodriguez. Not only is he playing the amazing trumpet parts on this piece but is also the vocalist:

  • This post is probably not entirely consistent with the direction Dr. Mark intended for this thread, but here goes anyway.

    I was listening to one of my Pandora stations this afternoon while catching up on some reading before trumpet practice. I chose my Bobby Hackett station. Hackett was not a spectacular player, but he made a lot of good music that I enjoy listening to. He died the year my oldest son was born, 43 years ago.


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