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  • In the past 2 years I have played 27 Cornets. Finally settled on my absolute favorite: a 1910 Conn Perfected Wonder. Very dark and sweet. A couple days after I got it I saw another 1908 Perfected wonder with the mechanism that adjusts the tuning slide and the 3 Valve slides. Its in fabulous shape like the 1910 but I don't like it as well. I also have a 1907 Conn-Conqueror. Its OK but not in the same league.
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  • Sometimes the planets line up just right between you and the cornet. Mine is a H.N. White Clevelander with the original mouthpiece. I have two of them just to make sure if anything ever happens, I can play the spare while I'm getting the primary fixed.


  • Not a huge cornet collection, but of what I do have, my Conn 12A is my favorite. The 2 Conn 80As are also nice!

  • Conn New Wonder here. Gives me the sound I want.

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  • I have an old William Frank cornet that has no model marking.
    The only other Frank cornets I have seen all have a model name.
    I knew that Frank & Schilke had a professional working relationship so I
    took the cornet to Schilke and they thought It had a Schilke mouthpiece
    receiver but couldn't verify. Everything looks original. I know they
    made what they called a " Classic " which I believe was not marked.
    This cornet plays great and has the look of a special cornet, bracing,
    My " Favorite Cornet "

  • I love my 1962 Conn Victor 5A


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    Right now it's a three way tie:

    Conn Victor 9A Coprion
    Conn Long model 6a (like new great horn!)
    Conn Long Model Connstellation 28A

    So much fun....

  • conn new wonder.jpg

    Conn New Wonder (with the mechanism that works) here too...

  • Smith-Watkins K2 gets my vote.

  • @dupac What a thing of beauty Mikel. I've just taken a roll-of-the-dice and bought a "fixer-upper" one of these on eBay. It looks to have the bits and pieces of the mechanism. Waiting for the postman now!

  • The Conn 80A's are great.


  • I haven’t played a huge number of different cornets (and zero high end modern makes)...mostly vintage horns.

    Out of those, my favorite was a gold plated Conn 84A from 1922. I deeply regret selling that horn.

  • @Kujo20 said in Favorite Cornet:

    I haven’t played a huge number of different cornets (and zero high end modern makes)...mostly vintage horns.

    Out of those, my favorite was a gold plated Conn 84A from 1922. I deeply regret selling that horn.

    There's one on Ebay right now. It's the only gold plated 84A I've ever seen. So tempting.

  • Finally figured out i was replying o individuals, not the discussion. I have an 80A from '23 thats been on Ebay a while. I priced it high enough, and the pics weren't good enough that i still have it;) Since i posted it, a gentleman here supplied me with some missing parts for the A-B mechanism, AND i acquired another in much worse shape for a parts horn. I think it was 1 year newer. Just never got around to taking better pictures. Only real problem? Whenever it was re-lacquered, probably 50 years ago, it was buffed too hard. Lots of the engraving can barely be read. But it still plays sweet. Probably why i haven't taken better pics. It may sell then;)

  • Hello,

    not exactly my favorite cornet but my favorite vintage cornet: A British Bb/A Besson @ 1912 in very good shape.
    Classe A
    New Creation

    and of course "Breveté" as all the Bessons whatever the model.
    Must be played with its Prototype mouthpiece (in the picture).
    Plays well but cannot be played when there is other modern cornets. In this case use my Besson 928.
    Like someone previously said: "nice small voice" from old time.

    Besson 1.jpg

    Besson 2.jpg

    Bell Bessonjpg.jpg

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    That Besson is beautiful. Vintage french cornets have a certain beauty to me, like vintage Italian bicycles.

  • Very nice.
    One Horn I am still looking for is a Conn early 1900's New York Wonder, or WonderPhone to go with my Two Conn Perfected Wonders, Conn-Conqueror, and New Wonder (80A).

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