Christophe LeLoil

  • Let me introduce the TB community to Christophe LeLoil. He was a TM member and very interactive on that site. He is and amazingly talented French jazz trumpet player that has a new album out. Just want to make sure all hear at TB is provided the opportunity to hear his work and follow a sample to his new link:

    Here is the Christophe's actual text announcing his project: So glad to announce the release of 'Les quatre vents' a quartet setup of original compositions. This was recorded last winter at famous la Buissonne studio, which is currently used for most of the ECM productions...just to say about its sound. Published by LaborieJAzz Label, and available on every platforms.

  • I purchased his amazing album Line 4. Very creative way he used to compile a collection of mostly original tunes by his quartet. I am providing a sample from this album as well. Christophe is one of to most uniquely original jazz trumpet performers I have had the chance to experience. He has a sound and technique that instantly identifies him as the artist.


  • @Dr-GO thanks for posting Doc. I remember Leloil posting on TM too - in particular this video of an interesting performance in an amazing outdoor location

  • I remember him. Thanks for the link, DrGO

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    Hey Thanks for the interest!

  • I've heard him before. Very nice playing.

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