Trumpet Playing Peeves

  • I saw an old peeve-related thread but started this new one hoping it might remain trumpet centric - we’ll see!

    My community band rehearsed last night. I play either second or third parts. Our fall concert is in a couple weeks and the works include several with fast tempos, frequent key signature changes, challenging rhythms, and, of course, lots of rests in the parts I play. I enjoy rehearsals. I like to concentrate and focus on our conductors, the sound quality, intonation, and balance of our section, and so forth. The gentleman who sits on my right is a nice man. His approach to rehearsals is much more “laid back” than mine. We were working through one of our most challenging pieces. My horn was poised in front of my lips as I counted the last few bars before a significant entrance and he starts tapping my right arm with a greeting card! Apparently he was convinced I had to sign it right now!

  • Players yapping or playing while the conductor is trying to explain something the rest of us want to hear. Doesn't happen a lot but annoying as hell when it does.

  • Pet Peeve trumpet/playing
    One of my pet peeves is the clarinet section. Why the heck do they take so long to tune up during band time? Frickin' tune up BEFORE the director takes the podium.

  • Drummers warming up before rehearsal...loudly!

    Players woodshedding their parts on stage right before a concert.

    People playing out of tune and oblivious to it.

    People not marking their music when the conductor makes a change to dynamics, repeats, etc.

    People missing the same accidental in a piece every rehearsal. I've reached over with a pencil and marked people's parts when that happens.

    Someone talking loudly when the conductor is explaining something to another section.

    Clumsy people coming in late and navigating tight aisles, knocking stands, kicking mutes, etc.

    ...and I'm just getting

  • Why do the women in the flute section have to were form fitting, fluffy sweaters? It's less a playing than a pet peeve.

  • What Bob Pixley said.

  • Bob Pixley reminded me of another peeve. I somehow managed to end up seated right in front of the glockenspiel. Now I completely understand when the percussionist bangs away at that thing when the music requires it, even though I cannot hear myself think. However, I get peeved when the percussionist is whacking away with considerable force when we are supposed to be listening to our conductor or merely warming up!

  • Qualified Repair Techs

    Anyone with more ego than skill. Also, bad intonation and bad time. Tuners are valuable in the practice room and to get in the ballpark before rehearsal, not on your stand or horn during rehearsal. Metronomes are an absolute must during practice sessions. Practice is also a must, and if you didn’t practice don’t bother me! Finally, be nice, and if you can’t, then shut up! I spend a lot of time hired to walk in and sightread a show for community type groups - I’m getting paid because they can’t do it without me, and if they’re not nice I won’t do it again. I make a big effort not to step on the regular’s toes in those situations, and don’t appreciate it if I’m not extended the same courtesy.

  • @flugelgirl said in Trumpet Playing Peeves:

    Metronomes are an absolute must during practice sessions.

    I can't use one. They always slow down or speed up. I just can't figure out how it keeps changing.

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