Neat Series of YouTubes For Learning How To Increase Range

  • These Youtubes were made by John Ruff and its called rufftips
    Its called Hi Kids Velocity Studies and unlocking the upper register
    There are others and I think you'll find he's really sharp about what he knows and he doesn't drown a person with theory.

  • Nice and concise and to the point. Excellent.

  • Qualified Repair Techs

    John’s a pretty awesome guy and a good player. I played with him several times during joint concerts when he was Air Force and I was Navy.

  • Hi flugelgirl,
    Man! I bet that was fun. Even in his videos he comes across as a genuinely nice guy. He starts his videos with "Hi kids!"
    I also like that he doesn't go analytical and instead uses common language and, with his trumpet in hand shows how he does it. I've had my daughter (who's also a trumpet player) to watch numerous Jon Ruff videos. I then ask her a gaggle of questions such as "What did he mean by "Back off in the upper register?"
    My hope is that when people are having a rough spot in their playing, they can ask questions here and also get some help via Jon's videos.

  • @Kehaulani
    Yes! I like that he's not so academic

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