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  • Hoping someone can help.
    On a whim I recently bought a Holton T602R. Received wisdom has it that a letter after the model number indicates it is made overseas, and that if it is a stencil made by Yamaha, the word Japan appears on the second valve barrel. There is no C of O name on the valve block and the horn's "medallion" just says Holton U.S.A. The only text on the bell is Holton. The serial number is 043xxx.
    I suspect, but cannot confirm that it may be made in China. Any thoughts.

  • Hi chelpres,
    According to Reverb, the Holton was made in Japan.
    Here's a cut and paste from their site.
    Vintage Holton T602R Collegiate Bb Trumpet (MADE IN JAPAN) 007241
    Hope this helps

  • @Dr-Mark said in Holton clarification:

    According to Reverb, the Holton was made in Japan.

    Would that actually then make it a Futon? Sleep on it, then let me know. Ah So!

  • @Dr-Mark Thanks for the clarification. I bought the horn to "clean and flip", at least thats what I told my wife!
    Only paid AUD$75.00, about USD$50.00 by current exchange rates, for a horn in quite exceptional condition. Will probably move it on and put the funds to better (trumpet) use.

  • @chelpres

    I actually own one of these horns. I don’t know very much about it and I got it for free. The bell says “Holton, Elkhorn Wis”, but the valve block says japan on it and looks very Yamahaish, however the buttons, caps, and leadpipe definitely look Holtonish. My theroy is that maybe just the valve block was made by Yamaha but I’m just guessing at this point. I can’t really find any info on this horn. Plays pretty well though

  • @Lud14
    Your bell says more than mine! It is only inscribed Holton. Country of origin is not a big issue, as long as it is neither China or India.

  • There are also Czech made Holtons. Not that this thread is about that but they were also well made as were al Holtons.
    The letter suffixes have different meanings per the letters used. Not all mean other than US made. Some were transitional having parts from the different makers.

  • @djeffers78 Thanks to all those how shared their knowledge with me. Flipped the horn last week along with a Getzen 90 Deluxe and have invested in another Holton, this time a T101 B Symphony. This one is almost certainly a "keeper".

  • @chelpres
    My B47 is one of its predecessors. Holton made some great horns

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