Question on Caruso 6 notes

  • I do an hour exercise every morning ( 7 days a week ) and have been doing the Caruso 6 notes exercise at the very end of the session. I can't remember the person who made a video on youtube ( a teacher, I believe ) who says I should be doing just the opposite.
    So what is the correct procedure? Should I do Caruso at the beginning or at the end. It has been a huge help in developing my embouchure but perhaps things would be even better if I was doing the 6 notes at the beginning rather than the end of my practice session. How do you do the Caruso 6 notes ?

  • Julie Landsman says the Six-Note-Exercise is the first exercise she plays in the day. Landsman was a student of Caruso, is the Principal horn player with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra for the last 25 years, and teaches at Juilliard. You don't get any better than she.

    BTW, don't forget to count in tempo.

  • @Kehaulani
    Thanks, Kehaulani, you don't get any better than her, that's for sure. And yes, sir, 60 bpm every time I do it. So from tomorrow morning on, Caruso is first.

    I am totally amazed that a practice routine like Caruso 6 notes can make such a huge difference by simply making it the first thing you do in an exercise session rather than the last.
    Simply put, this change seemed to set me up for everything I had planned to do for the entire hour this morning. Everything was better, including my morning tone, right up to extra ease in playing a set of expanding scales to high C, plus the final exercise of lip slurs ranging from below to well above the staff.

  • Excellent!

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    Bob Findley uses this at the beginning of his method - he was a Caruso student as well. We focused quite a bit on it in yearly master classes I had with him at the music camp I went to growing up. A lot of the same principles apply with other methods, such as Claude Gordon.

  • It sounds like it is meant to be played first, and after the wonderful experience I am enjoying, it just makes perfect sense.

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