Opinions on Valve Oils?

  • I love the Berp. Fast and long lasting. Lasts a week...about 6 hours of rather fast music. I'm 100% sold. Thanks Flugelgirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The video above is for a compulsive cleaning. With weekly oiling, I skip all but the wipe down of the pistons. That I always do, and will also clear away all of the biofilm on the rim of the valve bore.

    Seems to me that the OP is a novice so thorough orientation might be in order.

    On rethinking this post, I agree, a baseline video on how to do a through cleaning should be helpful. We should never assume the level of experience of an individual posting. Kehaulani, you have the best interest of others in your heart, that is for sure.

  • Got my assortment of Berp ordered.

  • Kehaulani, you have the best interest of others in your heart, that is for sure.

    Hey, Doc, that is so kind of you to say that about Kehaulani because that is exactly how I think of him.

  • I am thinking about switching to Berp, at least on a trial basis for my horns but am wondering what the right number is to order for my horns. They sent me a chart so I could compare Berp to what I am now using, Hetman.

    The Berp #3 viscosity is 5.64 compared to 2.77 for Hetman #3. Berp #2 is 3.68 vs Hetman's 2.02, and Berp #1 is 2.23 vs Hetman's 1.98. My two newer horns I use #1 so no problem there, but I have a 1999 Conn Bb that works best with Hetman #2, and I use Hetman#3 for two Selmer Paris horns, aged 1952 and 1959, and a 1962 Conn Victor Cornet.
    If anyone here has horns similar to my age categories, and are using Berp, what viscosity do you use.
    I really think the Berp #3 is way to thick for any of my older horns and would likely cause them to either hang up or be too slow.
    I'm open to any suggestions.

  • I would go with the Berp #1. I use that on all my horns even my oldest ones. It works fine on all mine. I would go with than and if its too light for the 1999 so be it. Disclaimer..if the 1999 is the one you play most than buy the #2.

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    Yeah, I was sort of thinking along those lines. Sort of one size fits all. Thanks for the input. I still have a few bottles of Hetman to use up before I order the Berp, so I don't have to jump in a hurry.

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    @GeorgeB You can always order the sample pack that comes with all three formulas to figure out which one works best. What I have found is that #1 works well for horns with good compression and tight tolerances, #2 for those with moderate compression, and 3 for significantly worn pistons. I use #1 on all my brand new horns with great results.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. A sample pack makes good sense.

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    ...sample pack makes good sense.

    ...sounds pretty slick to me!

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