1962 Conn 9A Victor cornet

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  • Same "wrap" as my 1955 Director. Obviously 2 or 3 steps above mine. And I know I said this (wink). But it was (for me) the worst horn out of dozens I played. And I bought another one bc it was so cheap. I thought, "it can't be as bad as my first on" - it was.

    But I have to say that I played first chair 2 years in HS and 2 years in college..lol

    The horn above is a true gem???? -Beautiful. Just curious how it plays? Both of mine were bad below staf. That could be a function of Metal and maybe bracing? Does this one have bottom springs?

    And to think that when I started playing I could have had a Concert Grand. We could have afforded it. And now I have Two of them 😉

  • @adc
    These cornets have the same top-sprung valves and valve block as the Connstellation. It’s probably one of the best cornets Conn ever made. Big, rich sound, easy upper register, great intonation, full lower register. It’s a bit heavy, and has extensive bracing, a much more substantial instrument than the Director, and does have a slightly different wrap. Coprion bell and leadpipe, it was made only a couple years. The non-Coprion version, the Conn 5A Victor, is also a fine cornet (I used to have one). It was made for a much longer time, but has a slightly brighter tone than the 9A.

  • Dale, I have a 1962 5A Victor and really love it. What is the difference between the 5A and the 9A ?

  • Dale's horns are among the most beautiful I have ever seen!

  • @GeorgeB said in 1962 Conn 9A Victor cornet:

    Dale, I have a 1962 5A Victor and really love it. What is the difference between the 5A and the 9A ?

    Basically just the bell and leadpipe material. The 9A has a Coprion bell and leadpipe, while the 5A has a brass bell and nickel leadpipe. The 9A has a more mellow sound than the 5A, but otherwise, they play very similarly. The 9A is the rare one, though, only having been made for 2 or 3 years. The 5A isn’t too common, either, but it was made for 10 years or so. Both are really good cornets.

  • @Dale-Proctor

    Thanks, Dale.

  • Didn't you have some special plating done?

  • @veery
    I had an old 5A refurbished a number of years ago, and since I had given up on ever finding a 9A, I had the bell copper plated inside and out as part of the overhaul. After I found the 9A, I sold my custom 5A. Here’s a pic of it - it’s the cornet In the center.


  • @Dale-Proctor Wow!!!!

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