Haydn in a very interesting arrangement - must see/hear!!

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    Nothing short of a fantastic performance!!! It is amazing that one virtuoso player put the entire project together. The following is the entire YouTube description translated from Norwegian into English by Google Translate.

    Published on Apr 10, 2020
    Arrangements and trumpets: Stian Aareskiold

    Haydn's Trumpet Concert like you've never heard it before

    Norway's own wind ensemble is ready with this year's most well-stocked Easter eggs. Creativity has blossomed, thoughts have cracked in the home office and the idea is as simple as it is brilliant. Take one of the country's most prominent trumpeters, Stian Aareskjold. Give the man free artistic expression, based on Joseph Haydn's famous Trumpet Concerto, free up the boundaries of what it thought was possible to perform, and watch the Trumpet Concert as it has never been played before. This was how Stian Aareskjold met the enormous disappointment when the Norwegian Wind Ensemble had to cancel, and the trumpet player got his most beautiful spring adventure shattered.

    A cornucopia of a concert, where the trumpet player gets brilliant in his diversity. Not only is it technically demanding and puts every musician to the test - it is also a show that explodes in pure joy. This time we are not content with just one trumpet. In order for us to really give the trumpet concert its well-deserved place in the history books, Stian Aareskjold strives to play fourteen trumpets - at the same time. We hear the first concert of the concert, which is also the most technically demanding.
    Stian Aareskjold asks the audience to especially notice their favorite party, which is the middle part of the first movement. The most feared party, which trumpeters around the world get the heartbeat playing. The more joyful it becomes when it succeeds, then to the degrees, as it does in this magnificent recording.

    Then it was this with the trumpet trumpet then. Stian Aareskjold plays a trumpet, specially made in Switzerland, with nine holes covered by one flap each. Moving from the traditional three-valve trumpet to shaking five fingers and nine flaps requires month-long drills for far into the night. The added dimension the trumpet trumpet adds is undoubtedly the upgraded sound. The flap trumpet is tuned in Ace, but twice the length of the modern Ace trumpet. Richer, more intimate sound, which gives a more personal touch than the traditional trumpet.
    And are you a real nerd? Joseph Haydn wrote many trills in the solo voice. Listen especially to these, as they are performed on the trumpet trumpet only with the lips, and not the fingers as on a regular trumpet. A clear proof of more fullness and sound, and that the traditional trumpet fails to play Haydn's music as it was intended to sound.

    The Norwegian Wind Ensemble is proud to present Haydn's trumpet concert in a new creative and playful way. Enjoy yourself!

    Stian Aareskjold has studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music and has been employed in the Norwegian Wind Ensemble since 2004. He is also associated with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, London's well-known Baroque orchestra "The English Concert" and several Norwegian Baroque ensembles.

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    I like creative stuff like this. Is that a wooden mouthpiece I see?

  • Outstanding! I enjoyed that.

  • The soloist was wearing a digital watch. How inauthentic. Blasphemy!

    But seriously, that video is just seamless. All superlatives apply.

    Listening to the consistent timbres, it really makes one think about where and how nodes and antinodes occur within a wind instrument.

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