Happy Birthday Herb Alpert!

  • Winner of nine Grammy awards, Herb Alpert turned 85 years old today. Herb and his Tijuana Brass actually out-sold the Beatles in US record sales during the year of 1966. His A & M record label eventually sold to Sony Entertainment for 3/4ers of a billion dollars.

    Excellent taste. Truly great tone. The best compliment to hear is when somebody compares you favorably to good ol Herb's golden tone. I was lucky enough to live and listen to him back in the day..

  • An innovator in many ways, beyond his performance tribute. His work in the recording industry in supporting up and coming artists is truly amazing. His venture into hip hop shows as well his forward thinking to constantly evolve, and clearly his age does not interfere with this process.

  • Ah, yes, happy birthday to Herb, who was one of ( if not the ) richest trumpet players in modern history. And he is a good generous man with his riches, too. Although I feel he was underrated, in my book he was a damn good trumpet man.

  • I never cared much for most of his music. Seemed to me better suited as background for The Dating Game. But as a producer he's one of the best. And a side of him that is perhaps overshadowed by his musical work is his humanitarian work. He's a personification of "passing it on".

    An example of his personal good heart was when I found out that, on Chet Baker's return after a long hiatus, the night of the concert Herb found out that Chet had no trumpet and Herb drove home, picked up his own trumpet, and loaned it to Chet for the gig. Man, that's going the extra mile. I got a whole new of appreciation for Herb Alpert the man. Happy Birthday!

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