• Holton Revelation Cornet. In March of 1920 it was advertised for $95. $95 in 1920 would buy what $1228.72 would buy today by one calculator. Now days nobody much wants a Holton Revelation Cornet so I bought mine for $35.86 delivered. If you reverse the value calculator that's $2.77 in 1920 money.

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  • I would say you got a good deal! Did you get a good horn?

    Speaking about inflation, I was doing a little sleuthing yesterday and saw our old house in Hawai'i up for sale. When we bought it in 1960, we paid, new, $17,000.00. It's up for sale today for 1,000,200.00!

    Big difference between the price of trumpets. I bought my Connstellation for $200.00 at the same time as our house. Today it usually sells at less than that!

  • Same here!

    I bought mine about 5 years ago for 35.00 in one of Dillon Music’s “garage sales”.

    Great sounding cornet...I’ll probably never sell it.

    Ironically...the last time I checked Dillon’s site, they had one listed in the 700 dollar range.

  • I got my Harrelson Summit in 2017 for (paid it off in 2013) $8,200. Same model with same finish and trim now has an "on sale" price for $12,800.

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