Soulo Mutes

  • I recently found myself in need of a new straight mute and during my research found the Soulo Mute brand online. Given the then unresolved situation with my harmon mute (it needed a thicker cork installed so it would not go so deeply in the bell of my Committee) I decided to buy both a harmon and a straight mute from Soulo. The brand is used and endorsed by Wayne Bergeron, so I figure, "if they're good enough for Wayne...."

    The box arrived yesterday and my very first impression of it was positive. From the first note I blew it felt less stuffy, easier to modulate, even down to pianissimo, and had a fuller sound. Back to the Jo-Ral copper bubble I'd been using, it was obvious which mute sounds better with less effort.

    If you're looking for a new mute, be it straight, cup, bucket or harmon, check out Soulo Mutes!



  • I discovered Suolo a few years ago. Just love their bucket mute. So seductive!

  • @tjveloce Is the connecting rod in the picture from one of the pistons in your Committee?

  • @J-Jericho

    Best reply ever.


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