1920's Conn Trumpet Interchangable Bells

  • I have a 1923 Conn 22B that is un-restorable with a nice portrait .458" bell. I'd like to put this portrait bell on to my 1926 Conn 26b I'm restoring, also with its .458" bell. Does anyone know if these .458" bells from this era are physically interchangeable & compatible with different '20's Conn trumpets?

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    Consider the possibilities:

    Are the 2 bells the same length?

    Do they have the same initial bore and outside diameter (to fit into the existing ferrule)?

    Do they have the same "wrap" (vertical height between the bell tail and the bell flare)?

    If the answer to all these is yes, the bell will fit. As to how it will play, that will be a matter to determine once the new bell is mounted.

    If the answer to one or more of these is no, a decent tech can probably mount the new bell anyway.

    A lot of words to just say "yes".

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