The mastery of Freddie Hubbard

  • This is a 9:37 minute long journey into the musical genius of Freddie Hubbard...

  • Freddy Hubbard was great. I had the opportunity of meeting him in the late 1960’s when he performed at my college, NYU (Uptown Campus). During intermission we both ended up in the Men’s Room, standing side by side at the urinals. As we were in the midst of relieving ourselves, I of course started a conversation, since he was not talkative, and told him how great he played, and how much I admired him. I further qualified my opinion by identifying myself as a fellow trumpet player. Fortunately, at that moment there were no secret hand shakes. Anyway, as you can see I will remember that awkward moment until my dying day. I’m not sure that the conversation was as memorable to him. It might have even been one that he wanted to forget.
    For what it’s worth, my favorite album at the time was “The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard”. My favorite cut on that album was “Summertime”.

  • I've got to lead off with the negative - get it out of the way. I've hear plenty of Freddie that left me cold. For a while he was frequently on cocaine. I don't know if there's a connection.

    But when he's great, he's great. Here's a clip I love:

  • @Bay-Area-Brass said in The mastery of Freddie Hubbard:

    This is a 9:37 minute long journey into the musical genius of Freddie Hubbard...

    Bill... What a wonderful example. This version puts tears in my eyes. He can but the emotions of many in through his horn, and we are all better people for it. Thanks so much for this beautiful post!

  • Here is one of my Freddie favorites, his into is so sensual, than his solo later is so just amazingly lyrical:

    A couple memories:

    1. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and talking with Freddie when I lived in NYC. I saw him play at Fat Tuesday's in midtown Manhattan and was lucky I had a bit to drink, that and the persistence of girl friend at the time to add the courage to alcoholic inhibition to actually approach Mr. Hubbard on a break. We had an amazing discussion which ended in my asking him for a lesson. He said yes. He let me know he was leaving the next day on a tour of Europe, but then wrote on a napkin and gave me his number to call when he got back to the states. I lost that number. I lost a tremendous opportunity.

    2. A couple of years ago, the quintet I play with was asked to play an "after concert party" for George Benson's band when they came to town. When Mr. Benson walked into Gilly's, I turned to Eddie (our leader) and asked him to play this song. I was so touched to watch Mr. Benson to sit down immediately at a table to watch as we played this song. In total concentration he watched. The smile on his face hearing us play this peace was so warm and touching.

    Thank you Freddie, as somehow from listening to your albums, you did get the chance to teach me.

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  • Been a Hubbard fan for a long time. Here's a good one.

  • And the next video in cue on YouTube was this, which wasn't Freddie Hubbard, but quite wonderful and altogether beguiling.

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