Older Schilke student horns

  • Any experience with these?

  • I assume you mean the MI and the MII. I bought an MII in 1981. Mostly Yamaha parts, Schilke leadpipe and bell but assembled by Schilke. It was an excellent horn, fit and finish was standard Schilke. I had the adjustable 3rd ring replaced with a silver fixed ring.

    Good horn, you should be able to get one for around $600-$800 BUT try it first.

  • Thanks! What i was looking for......

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    I used to have an MII as a backup horn when my main Bb was a B6. I wouldn’t call it a student horn - it sure played close to the B5 I had from the Navy. I used it on a lot of gigs I didn’t want to take a more expensive horn, but could have played it full time without issue. Mine was more Schilke than Yamaha, and it was pretty clear which parts belonged to which brand. I sold the MII to a friend who’s still playing it as her main Bb and loves it!

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