8A Conn cornet in relation to its more famous 80A cousin

  • The cornet with the vertical tuning slide known as the 80A is a pretty common cornet. The ones without the linking slide adjustment were made from 1932 down to the 70's. The 80A with the linkage started as early as 1914 down to 1940. But...there was a slender model built on the same general lines. It was a #2 bore as opposed to a # 2 1/2 bore. It was slightly longer as well as narrower. The bell flare was about 10mm narrower but the tuning slide adjustment was about identical in overall size. The 8A began production the same year as the later model 80A and lasted until about the start of WWII.

    One of the most noticable configuration design differences is the angle of the middle valve slide crook.

    both better.jpg

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    I have an 8A - fun horn to play, and sounds great with a short shank deep mpc.

  • I used to have a '54 Conn 80A. Interesting instrument that played pretty well, but I wasn't too impressed by it. I played it occasionally for a few years and recently sold it.


  • @Bob-Pixley the biggest kick I've seen written against the 80A is that it sounds more trumpet like and some people like a more "dark" and more distinct cornet sound.

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