• After much consideration a group of fellow trumpet players have decided to restart to fill the missing GAP of discussion forums exclusively focused on the instruments and mouthpieces we play. Our team have been involved in building great trumpet related reference sites such as BachLoyalist and were involved in the design & launch of as one of the original admins of that site.

    Our goals are the following:

    • Build an environment where the focus is on the tools we use - trumpets, mouthpieces, accessories
    • Create a place where users can share their favorite trumpet related resources with reviews
    • Utilize the latest technologies to create an experience that is simple to create, share and discuss everything trumpet on whatever device you're using.
    • Activate our social media channels to allow our users to use what they prefer - whether the forums, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

    How can I get involved?

    • Join our forums today and start sharing your experiences about your trumpets, mouthpieces, etc. that you use.
    • Contact Us if you're interested in becoming a moderator for a specific forum. We're looking for passionate trumpet players that are willing to help build a new community of trumpet players.
    • Suggest new features and approaches on how we can engage more trumpet equipment nerds to get involved.

    Thanks for your consideration in joining what we hope will be one of the fastest growing trumpet communities on the internet - whether the forums or the social media channels. If you're interested in being a moderator please contact us via the forum.

    Our forum ONLY is focused on instruments and is NOT meant to replace discussion forums similar to TrumpetBoards which has a broad range of topics that are actively discussed.

    Thanks for your consideration -

    The Trumpet Forum team
    follow us on our various social media channels.

  • So, just so I understand. There is a new forum called Trumpet Forum and it limits itself to gear? And not pedagogy, performers, musical expression and other non-gear topics?

  • Global Moderator

    I'm supportive of this. This is a labor of love for me. I now break even (thanks guys!!!), but I don't think I can ever leave my day job to run a forum :).

    Let me know if I can be of help. In fact, we could talk about merging our forums if you have any interest in that.

  • @administrator

    Thanks for the reply back! I also like reading and the various topics in your forums. Congrats on breaking even, will send you a note separately on some ideas I have to help build each others forums.


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