Anyone know of availability of a Kanstul 1603?

  • I know this is a wild shot in the dark, but does anyone know of a Kanstul 1603 Bb trumpet available for around two thousand bucks? Thanks.

  • @Kehaulani I think unfortunately they are extremely hard to find at this point. Back when Kanstul was still active I was trying to find one to try out, hopefully a 1603+ (Wallace's model) but I couldn't find a single 1603 or 1603+ to buy, let alone try out as everyone was out of stock. This was about 18 months ago-the best anyone could tell me was that Kantul was going to make a new run soon and to wait for that. There was never a new production run.

    I had been playing a medium bore Committee and wanted to go large bore again. Since I couldn't find a decent large bore Martin at the time, I tried out the Schilke Handcraft and loved it. Perhaps you may like them too-I would recommend the HC1 over the HC2....

  • Thanks, Bill. At present, I can't play beyond what my Yamaha Shew gives me anyway, so it is somewhat rhetorical.

    Since Kanstul was closing, I was wondering if there might be a mini-glut on the market on Kanstuls but I guess it doesn't work that way. And your explanation of the 1603 market explains why I've been having a hard time finding one. I guess I have been looking in the right places after all, just that there simply aren't any, especially at discount prices.

    BTW, have you played both the Shew and your Martin enough to find the differences? Love to know, if you have. Thanks.

  • @Kehaulani I haven't played a Yamaha Shew much but hear they're great horns. The reason I like the Schilke HC1 is that is has a tone and vibe of a Committee but has the even playability and resonance of a Schilke, plus you can find one to try out before you commit to buying, which is pretty important. Good hunting!

  • Thanks again, Bill.
    What is the weight difference between the Committee and the Schilke, if you don't mind one more question.

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    If we end up with any I’ll let you know, but we rarely get Kanstuls.

  • Thanks, m'lady!

  • @Kehaulani Not sure of the Yamaha's weight, but the Schilke is on the lighter side so it has a nice response. The HC2 (copper bell) is a bit heaver so it's a bit slower-I like the brass bell myself....

  • Thanks, Bill.

  • If you're still looking, there's a Kanstul 1603 on eBay for only $2600, that's pretty close to what you are looking to spend!

  • Man, 2 years ago I was at a music store in Dallas trying out several horns, and found a Kanstul that just sang. Favorite horn I tried that day, and I tried some nice ones. Seriously kicked around buying it, but punted. Now I wish I'd have grabbed it. My crystal ball wasn't working that day.

  • @Kehaulani Are you still looking for a 1603?

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