Superhorn Showdown!

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    Hey cats!

    What do you think of these two superhorns?


  • Your videos are great, and getting better. 32c6f47a-fcda-4463-a3a1-e009f5e61628-image.png

    That having been said, I heard a slightly fuller sound from the Adams and a slightly brighter sound from the Schagerl, although they both sounded slightly bright to my ear. You seemed to play with a little more confidence and ease on the Schagerl, although when you switched mouthpieces, it took you a moment or two to get comfortable, and that made it seem, aurally, that you played better on the Adams.

    Comparing them is like splitting hairs, as they are both fine trumpets, and the differences are very slight. I liked your comments on their construction; I found them educational as far as what effects are achieved with different designs and features.

    As always, your enthusiasm puts a bright spot in my day. Thank you for taking the time to post your videos!

  • @J-Jericho said in Superhorn Showdown!:


    Great demo of two fine horns. First time I've heard the Schagerl, and I have to say, if I was in the market, that would be the first one to try. I love the tone and the full sound.

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    Thanks so much for watching! here's another showdown 😉

  • Schilke - compact, dense sound. Yamaha - broad and full. Equal in terms of responsiveness and intonation. You seemed a lot more comfortable on these two than the Schagerl/Adams duo. The music just flowed out instead of having to be created or manufactured. It went straight from your brain to this listener's ears; the trumpets just happened to be there in between us, whereas the previous pair required deliberation on your part to achieve the desired results.

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    On first video:

    Why not develop a double embouchure? 😉

    I prefer the sound of the Adams. Can't pinpoint why, however. By the way, Joy Spring by Clifford Brown is seriously one of my favorite jazz pieces ever.

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    @J-Jericho Thanks! I use these two horns (the Schilke and Yamaha) fairly often as they are both in my personal quiver of instruments. In fact I used the B1-L last night on my wedding band gig!

    Thanks for checking out the videos!

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