• Need help with your mouthpiece? Thinking of buying a used mouthpiece?
    We have heard really positive comments from those of you that have taken advantage of our mouthpiece plating services. Our turnaround time is super fast! Thank you! Here is our information again:

    Mouthpieces repaired, dented shanks straightened, bad scratches removed. We do careful and delicate polishing and do NOT remove makers marks. We do NOT over polish or change cup dimensions

    Prices listed on website! Check out Dave Friedman at mouthpieceplatingservice.com for silver or gold re-plating of your mouthpieces. It's worth giving him a call. Long time restorer and silver plater with loads of brass and woodwinds experience. Very quick turn around time. We guarantee your satisfaction. Email: davefriedman4repair@gmail.com
    (877) 255-0193

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    Very cool. Where are you located?