A Minor Miracle

  • I have a vintage cornet case that is presentable in appearance but had a musty smell that I could not get rid of. I was able to eliminate all offensive odor from the velvet inside, but the outside did not respond to anything I tried, including alcohol, Lysol, baking soda, sunlight, vinegar, bleach, odor sprays, lacquer thinner, and shoe polish. I did not want to strip the finish, prime, and paint the case, so I shopped for a cornet case I could use, although I preferred to use the original one.

    Then I stumbled across a container of Simple Solution pet stain and odor remover http://www.simplesolution.com/dog-odor-and-stain-remover/tough-odors/extreme-pet-stain-odor-remover-32oz that I had stored in my laundry room for years and years. This product uses enzymes and a proprietary pro-bacteria to break down the source of the stench. I put on nitrile gloves and wiped the outside of the case with a cloth saturated in the solution, letting it dry, and not wiping it off. Finally success! The case now has a pleasant scent without a trace of the former mustiness.

  • It has removed the smell of musicians who formerly played on it!!! 😉

  • That's good to know. I paid $300.00 for a used Committee case, and when I got it stunk so much I couldn't use it. (Of course the seller, now $300.00 richer, didn't mention it.)

    I tried everything and absolutely nothing worked. I finally had to get rid of it. Glad, for the future at least, to know of your solution. Thanks for sharing it.

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