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  • @GeorgeB said in Vale Ennio Morricone:
    In the Giufreddi series there are a lot of lip burners that are beyond my ability but I managed to play I Promessi Sposi but had to drop an octave on those high Cs near the end because my old chops were tiring. But, man, that was a pretty piece of music, and great playing by Giufreddi, of course.

    I have to agree with George’s response to the discussion and memorialization of Ennio Morricone. On the other hand I didn’t want to derail and dilute this tribute to Ennio Morricone with my response to this. I have thus started this new discussion branching out to Andrea Giufreddi. Although Mr. Giufreddi does not know me personally, I am grateful to him because he has helped my playing immensely. I will tell you about my own experience with Mr. Giufreddi’s work. Keep in mind that I am a four year comeback player so this experience will not be applicable or relevant to all on this site.
    I fortunately stumbled across Andrea Giufreddi’s work about 9 months ago with the release of his first basic pedagogic play along YouTube release, “Legato # 1”. This was very basic but allowed one to listen and watch how he played each portion of this flexibility exercise, along with a rhythm section track before the listener’s turn to repeat without him, but with the same rhythm track. This automatically met and made it necessary to follow the “rest as much as you play” recommendation of practice. In addition listening to, and trying to imitate his unbelievable “sound”, day in and day out, is another big “plus”. A further added bonus is that you are now playing “music” with an accompanist track as you practice basic exercises. Since the first release in this series nine months ago, he has released fourteen other basic instructional videos following the same formula. The 15 videos currently take me 1:45 to complete.
    I generally do these exercises about five days a week and try and practice seven days per week if possible. The following is the order I do them:

    Cichowicz Flow Study n. 1
    Cichowicz Flow Study n. 2
    Legato #1
    Legato #2
    Legato #3
    Flexibility #1
    Flexibility #2
    Octaves #1
    Clarke Technical Studies #2 (Full Version)
    Vocalise #1
    Arban First Studies n. 11/12
    Arban First Studies n. 13/14
    Arban First Studies n. 15/16
    Arban First Studies n. 17/18
    How To Double Tongue

    At this point (1 hr 45 min) I will supplement these with some of Andrea Giufreddi’s many Orchestral Excerpts, Play Along selections, Play With Me pieces, or other music that I am working on. Alternatively I will come back later in the day or evening various of these selections or Schlosberg, Irons, Charlier, music that I am working on, etc. As new basic exercises are released, I add them to my routine. This also has the added benefit of painlessly increasing my endurance.

    At any rate, since I posted six of Mr. Giufreddi’s play along selections on the “Vale Ennio Morricone” discussion, I wanted to publicly thank Mr. Giufreddi for the help he has given me, as well as the many tens of thousands around the world that follow him and benefit from his instructional and play along videos.

  • @SSmith1226 i just love watching and listening to him play - my goal (posted here is - an octave lower of course - is still a work in progress but I do like to "play" along where i can.

    I think my version of play along would be more butchering rather than playing a tribute TBH ....

    I only started playing during the lockdown, so while i loved Mr Morricones music, i didnt really know of Mr Giufreddi - I do now and i would love to see him play live if at all possible when we are out of this

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