Jerome Wiss 6/20 Trumpet

  • Much excitement today, the Jerome Wiss 6/20 arrived, the fit and finish are superb, Jerome is truly a craftsman in instrument making. The $64,000 question, How does it play. With my Wedge 3CC SST mouthpiece which has been my standard for the last 9 years, it responds with the least amount of air I can give it and the tone remains uniform to the most I can raise.

    The sound behind the horn is unlike any other I have played, I find it difficult to describe, full, rich, not dark nor shrill, mind this is first impressions after 1/2 hour playing, I shall have to have a lot more time on it to get fully accustomed to it. I think it is mainly a function of the bell shape which is more conical than exponential, reminds me of pictures of ancient trumpets.

    I have not yet checked the tuning, first impression nothing stood out to my ear, more to come as I spend more time with it.

    Regards, Stuart.

  • @stumac Fascinating! Keep us informed as you discover the personality of this unusual trumpet, please.

  • @stumac Hi Stuart, such good news. Can't wait to see it.
    Regards Tom

  • We want pictures!

  • 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

  • Such an elegant look. I really like the “serpentine” braces.

  • @stumac How is the grip? It looks quite open.

  • The balance is extremely good with the thumb and forefinger each side of the valve block under the bell. With Dupoitrans contraction in both hands I normally hold a conventional horn underneath the valve block, with this one I can use the conventional hold.

    Notice there is no pinkie hook or water key, my hand condition does not allow use of a hook and having played French horn for many years I can manage without a water key.

    At 2lb 7oz it is not a lightweight horn.

    Regards, Stuart.

  • A most unusual, interesting design. Please post a video of you reviewing and performing with it. I imagine this is a pricey horn.

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