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  • It is obvious that a number of the TB members have a great deal of knowledge and experience that they can impart to the membership. These include areas such as basic trumpet instruction, advanced pedagogy, the comeback player, musical theory, performance including Orchestral, Popular, Big Band, Jazz, Rock, etc., Conducting, Music Composition, Musical Arrangement, playing specialty instruments, instrument building, instrument repair, Instrument restoration, Vintage Instruments, Historical Instruments, the business side of music, etc. The number and variety of these presentations by volunteer experts can go on and on. Perhaps we could pick a day of the week and time that would be inclusive of members from around the world, where it be possible for a series of voluntary presenters can be scheduled weekly to give live talks and lead discussions among TB members and guests on subjects of the presenter’s choosing. Each session can be recorded and later placed in its own thread for people to view, ask questions, and comment on if they were unable to attend the live session. Any posts on theses threads should perhaps be prescreened to avoid inappropriate conflict, lack of civility, or trolling.

    Alternatively, the presenter could make a home video of an educational presentation, post it on YouTube, privately or otherwise, with a link on the TB site, in order to open a similar edited discussion or even a live Zoom discussion as one would conduct a book club. There are members that have such videos already made. Perhaps they would be willing to lead discussions based on them.

    Not only do we have a core of qualified active members, we have even more nonparticipating members, who might participate either to give a presentation, series of presentations, or attend a presentation. Email Invitations to all members to do this might open up more frequent participation by these individuals as well and demonstrate that we are interested in Trumpet and other musical subject matter.

  • This is a twofold post. I wanted to share this YouTube video of a former Elementary music student of my Wife's, who taught here in Hillsborough for 40 years. He's all grown up now and a professional Horn Player. He did this 6 part video of his own arrangement. It is rather amazing and jaw dropping, if you ask me. Stay with it. It definitely gets better and better! Now the other thing, I would love to see something like this from a few brave players here, either alone or combined together. What he did. That technology would seem to work, no?
    Here's the link:

  • @BigDub

    It is good to see that great minds think alike. I proposed this 17 days ago and thus far no brave souls other than me, and now you, have volunteered.
    Here is the link to that discussion:


    If there are enough volunteers, I will send you some music to look at.

  • There may be two different threads saying much the same thing, hence a lack of fully-balanced information.

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