Quarantunes: Some of my favorite songs. Hope you enjoy!

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    We are thinking of all of our friends out there who are struggling and wish you all peace! Stay healthy and vigilant!

    In an effort to keep me a bit busy while we all figure out the new telecommuting world I have recently started a new project of recording some of my favorite songs. I hope this brings you some smiles and brightens your day a bit.

    As always these are first takes. It’s a way of keeping me honest and in the shed!

    Here’s Body and Soul on Clark Terry’s Olds Flugel (one of his backups I bought many years ago) and his mouthpiece which he gave me in 1996:

    Here’s Con Alma on the Piccolo Trumpet (trying to get a bit less awkward on the piccolo trumpet improvising)

    My favorite song of all time is Stardust!

    Here’s a salute to Pops with When you’re Smilin’ (on a mpc I made from a copy of Louis’ old Giardinelli mouthpiece!)

    How about “The Nearness of You”?

    This is in the running for one of my favorite songs ever: Horace Silver’s Peace!

    If you have a request please share it in this thread.

    The shop is open for mail orders but due to the stay-at-home order in KC we might be delayed a bit in the shipments. Reach out to us anytime if you have questions via phone or email. www.austincustombrass.biz

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    All great songs, Trent...how about:
    I Had The Craziest Dream


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    @GeorgeB sure! I did have a wild dream last night that I double booked myself for gigs (and one of them was a mariachi gig!). Funny as my next gig in the books is in October 🙂

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    Hope you enjoy today's request which was from a friend who's struggling. While it's not my favorite tune I wanted to boost their spirits! Gear on this one is the Coppernicus and a MV3C-FX mpc. Almost no post production on the horn mic except a tiny bit of reverb.

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    These are nice, thanks for the tunes!

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    Show off !!! ☺

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    Today's entry... thankful for Riza and Marcus Printup for starting up the Blues Challenge. Hope you enjoy!

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    Time for a Driveway Concert!

    (please note this is an archived concert from FB but I definitely wanted to share here in case you didn't see it!)

    As I was walking the dogs a few days ago I realized my driveway is very wide and would make a great place for an outdoor session. Plenty of room to be very far apart and still play together! I have played a few times for our neighborhood solo as well as a social distancing parade and they are excited for the prospect of a concert!

    We’d love for you to tune in live and hang with us for a few minutes! We’ll even have some special surprises lined up for intermission and other times!

    We will have a virtual tip jar available as my friends that are playing have been without any means of income since Covid started. Any donations will be graciously accepted.

    Virtual tip Jar:

    TA: Tpt/Flugel
    Jackie Myers: Piano
    Jason Emmond: Bass
    Jim Lower: Percussion

    Okay it might not be Carnegie Hall but a stage is a stage 😎 A few performance notes:

    1. it was the first time running sound this elaborate outside and into an interface so the mix isn't totally spot on but we'll get it next time! The way I captured sound into an interface for a live concert mix is worth a mini-lesson in itself!

    2. Equipment:
      I'm using my Gen II Adams A1 trumpet with TAZ-CS mouthpiece as well as my Olds Clark Terry Model Flugelhorn with Clark's old mouthpiece (and my Ta-1 rim)

    3. My trusty shop assistant and pal Kyle Lambert sat in a few times on the show (yes his mic wasn't turned on totally)

    4. Our goofy intermission songs with my wife are part of a series we have been doing for friends on my personal FB page entitled Quarantine with the Austins! I hope you enjoy it!

    5. Stay tuned for another one of these in the future it was very fun!

    6. The tip jar is still active (and the tips go to my band who have been out of work... just put in the comments tip jar or Driveway)

    Thank you!

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