Covid-19 updates from ACB

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    Hey everyone. It's Trent here and I'm wishing you all a wonderful Sunday morning. We just got the official news that KC will be now adopting a "stay-at-home" policy meaning all essential businesses will be closing Monday. While this is going to be a dramatic blow to our accessibility to ship out instruments in this time I am in the shop today working on some contingencies.

    Remember a few years ago when I moved the shop from Boston to KC? We were closed roughly for 6 weeks. In this time we still handled all phone calls, set up appointments for the new KC shop, worked with clients on custom builds (both horn and mouthpiece), and basically were not shipping goods as they were being transported from Boston to KC.

    Here's the current plan (of course given the fluidity of the delicate situation this may change again):

    1. Our phones and emails will remain open. Our "work hours" via phone will not change and we will definitely have more time to talk shop with you. I suggest anyone wanting detailed consulting to reach out via email and setup some skype/Google Duo/facetime sessions with one of my incredible partners here at the shop.

    2. We are going to be taking our entire stock of in-house mouthpieces back from plating home. This way we can still ship mouthpiece orders. We figure if you are cooped up like we will be for at least a month (that's the current plan in KC until 4.23) why not test out a new piece. Reach out via or call 816-410-0826 x700

    3. Custom horn builds can start with all of our makers and we are more than happy to chat with you in regards to that.

    4. For the time being since we literally cannot move our entire shop (trust me that was one nightmare I don't really want to relive) horn sales and accessory sales will be delayed. Perhaps I can get in one day a week to ship but most likely that's not going to happen. We will keep you updated in this matter.

    I'm most likely leaving some stuff out as my mind is racing at 150 mph. The biggest thing here for all of you is to know that we want you to be safe... We WILL be here for you once the dust settles and we are here on the phones/emails/social.

    Special note of thanks to my amazing team who have dealt with this entire experience with grace and calm. They have relaxed my mind as a small business owner who is definitely concerned with his ACB family's financial, mental, and physical health. I am so lucky to have such amazing partners and friends during this. I am sitting in an empty shop with tears in my eyes as I type this wondering what's coming.

    We love you all madly!

    Thanks for your interest in ACB! Feel free to email us anytime (we will not be monitoring the PM's here)

  • ABC, on the other side of the spectrum, I can be there for you. My medical practice is now using Zoom to do virtual patient visits. So I can question you, the patient, and do somewhat of an exam through your screen camera to make a rather informed medical decision.

    This is a good thing as I have been using the same face mask for 3 days now due to the shortage of supplies. Gloves have been fine.

    So to all, hang in there, and stay healthy and safe.

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