Arturo Sandoval

  • I was watching some Youtube videos of Arturo Sandoval performing. I was curious to know who makes his trumpet for him and why he has that cloth band above the bell flare. I undrstand his flugel is a Van Laar, but don't see anything about the trumpet. Can anyone here enlighten me? Just curious, NOT in the market for ANOTHER horn. ...Must..... resist.... Thanks

  • Met the man myself prior to a concert at the Schuster Center here in Dayton, OH. Did have to bribe him with two Cuban cigars to get his attention though through all in the crowd wanting to meet him. The bribe worked as he called me to the head of the line and graciously accepted by gift (bribe).

    The above lead in explains the cloth band above the bell. It is not a cloth band but actually a detailing Arturo had done to his bell that is actually a replica of his favorite cigar wrapping band. This work was done by Tom Green (see link below). As for the lucky trumpet getting banded, it is a Harrelson Bravada. I got to hold the very instrument you saw in the picture, as part of the discussion I had with Arturo was in regards to having just ordered a Harrelson myself at the time of our meeting. Also had a nice discussion with him regarding our mutual musician in crime, Claudio Roditi, that he played with in the Dizzy Gillespie United Nations All Star Band, and was my trumpet teacher during the same time period that I lived in NYC.

  • Here is the link that Arturo put out to Tom Green, thanking him for the detailing Tom performed on his horn:


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  • Here is more for the mix:

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  • Well, now, that's as clear as mud, with different answers from reputable sources. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't need to know. The cigar banding is good to know, as the autographed picture that I own pre-dated that time.... clean horn then

  • Yup, Arturo is a true lover of good gear!

    There are many makers around the world that boast on their websites that Arturo uses their horn, mouthpiece, mute, case/bag, etc.

    I’ve always liked that Arturo enjoys multiple instruments and doesn’t necessarily “promote” one brand over others. Many musicians do...and even go as far to say or imply that brand X is “better” than any other.

    Arturo finds joy in any instrument that he can make music with (it seems that way at least).

  • This is because Arturo uses several horns. As I noted the night I saw him I was actually holding his Harrelson. He also used a second Bb trumpet that night as well. I believe the second horn was the Flip Oakes. But the banded horn he used was the Harrelson.

    While all the pictures and claims do muddy the waters the night I saw him, he was mostly using the Harrelson from literally first hand experience.

  • To quote the classic line from Big Jake, "Mister, I believe ya"

  • Arturo is apparently a fan of Andaluccia and owns several, played one at a gig at the Hollywood bowl. I rather doubt they are his primaries, but yeah he will support an instrument he likes, even if that falls short of "endorsement" or "promotion".

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