Fall Concert

  • The New Horizons KICKS jazz band is presenting its Fall Concert November 4 in Colorado Springs. (Will post publicity brochure when reduce the file size). Program includes:

    Orilla De Mar Jim Martin
    Latin Snowfall Mancini/Fluck
    Without a Song Kern/Stitzel
    Watch What Happens Le Grand/Cervone
    Stompin' at the Savoy Sampson/Holman
    Livin' Larger than Life Baylock

    Love To Barone
    My Fonebone Mintzer
    The Kicks Band Swings (the blues) Dean Mounts
    Fly me to the Moon Howard/Nestico
    Emancipation Blues Nelson
    Muttnick Quincy Jones
    Satin Doll Duke

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    yes - i saw that -- trying to upload a pdf of the pubicity -- then tried jpeg -- not working

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  • Ending the show with Satin Doll! Nice!

  • Horizons have a great international program and I spent my first two years of my comeback playing with a local Horizons Band. It was exactly what I needed at the time, but switched to a more challenging band in my 3rd year back. Unfortunately the local Horizons chapter quit operations this fall due to poor attendance. Like me, many need a bigger challenge and want to play more than the two concerts a year the local chapter offered.

  • I thought I had suggested this before but :Groundhog Day:

    I will post a new thread (In the appropriate spot) about Community Bands. There are lots of pros and semi-pros posting here. I think the CB group could benefit by some feedback from others who are not former pros or semi pros but just want to play but may be frustrated by the traditional (social) Community Band structure. My view (Like GeorgeB) is the if you are a serious player, albeit a recreational player, you are limited by the expectations of the the preponderance of the Community Band. Namely, socialization, lack of practice etc.experience.

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