Why TrumpetBoards.com?

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    Welcome, newcomers. You may have been familiar with the now (seemingly) defunct forum TrumpetMaster. Or, you may be a regular user of TrumpetHerald. My goal as creator and admin of TrumpetBoards is bring together the positive experiences of both, while solving some of the problems that occurred in past forums. Here are a few of the features that distinguish our community:

    • State of the art software: I am a professional software engineer and am committed to bringing you the best experience with the staunchest security.
    • Unlimited photo & file uploads at the click of a button: Simply click "upload" and your photo is there. Couldn't be easier!
    • Embedded Videos: Just past the URL from Vimeo or Youtube and it appears.
    • Groups: Join the "Martin Committee" club or "Old Guys" club...just for fun!
    • Events posting: Post your event along with an embedded calendar. Soon to come -- google maps showing exactly where your event will be!
    • Easy internationalization: Change your menu languages in the click of a button.
    • Credentialed Professionals & Sellers: Know who to trust. No more will pros get flamed by 12 year-olds and not have a way of defending themselves. Of course, we always welcome 12 year-olds too!
    • Classifieds are just posts: Create your classified ad as a post. If a seller is a "Trusted Seller," that means that they are either a well-respected member of the trumpet community or they have had 5 positive sales interactions on this site.

    Those are just a few of the many, exciting developments to come. So, please join in the fun!

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