Schenkalaars Trumpet

  • Since you went and opened a forum that I suggested I'll make a post to get it started. I wanted to start it off with one that's a bit odd and not well known. My eye caught the Schenkalaars on the shelf and so I begin.

    Harry Schenkelaars started the company in 1928 at Endhovan Holland. He created a company that produced a line of instruments that borrowed from other designs for the most part. His target audience presumably was the marching band and student segment. He apparently had three different levels in his trumpet line. There are different reviews that run the gamete....but it isn't a trumpet with a lot of popularity. The three apparent levels were the company name brand, the Topaz and the top of the line Prestige. This is what I read. What I'm showing is most likely the most standard model. The company ended in the late 80's although bits and pieces of it continued for a while under different names.

    Whats odd about this horn is the way the valves are put together. It has a top mount spring inside a metal sleeve with a guide bar. It's really distinctive. It reminds me of Conn Constellation construction without the sleeve and adding another guide.

    The horn would have been a horn in the student class. I do like the valves though.


  • These are sweet horns. And TANKS! Might be tougher than the Olds student horns of the day. I have one in raw brass.

  • Lot of local wind bands used Schenkelaars instruments like our wind band did. Not only trumpets but flugelhorns, cornets, saxophones and low brass as well
    Our wind band used the low class instruments, they where basically Olds Ambassador stencils but not as good as the Olds, the instruments suffered a lot from red rot so I do not have sweet memories about them

    However, the Schenkelaars Prestige flugelhorn that I bought a few years ago is a well made instrument, nice in tune, easy to play, nothing like the old clunkers we had to play on 45 years ago!

    So, maybe the Prestige trumpets are as well good instruments, as soon as I can lay a hand on one I will write a report

  • @Dirk020 I'd be interested in a review of their top tier Prestige model.

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