Early Schilke Mouthpieces

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    Just shot this video showing some of my own personal collection of early Schilke Mouthpieces. While most people are likely familiar with the 6A4a and 14A4a type numbering system - most would perhaps not know of the earlier alphabet style pieces, and the even earlier Lewelynn Personal Model mouthpieces made by Schilke.
    Grab yourself your favorite beverage as this is one of the longer ones...........

  • I've got a Model H in the next room. Got it at the end of the 50s. Still has some marks on the mpc. rim where I dropped it on a sidewalk. My teacher in those years was a former student of Schilke and got the mpc. for me. I liked that old line with their alphabetic designations; L=Lewellyn, H=Herseth and so forth. Something romantic about them and the old school approach to labeling.

  • @Kehaulani

    Does the K stand for someone? If it does I think that I know who that would be.

  • Really enjoyed your video. My high school trumpet teacher (1971-1975), Jack Pinto, was the first Schilke dealer in Florida and I had he opportunity to try several of the letter models from the 60's. Interestingly, I had not heard of the Llewellyn mouthpieces until this weekend, when I came across a thread on TH that mentioned them and you were one the members that posted in the thread! Thanks for sharing Zman.

  • @Brian-Moon said in Early Schilke Mouthpieces:


    Does the K stand for someone? If it does I think that I know who that would be.

    Yeah, it stands for Kehaulani. 😁

    I am only aware of Models B, H, J, V and R. No K.

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    @JorgePD Thanks for checking out the video. I swear I will do more soon. I've been a bit pre-occupied lately with a Band Competition and a new work.

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