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    First off, welcome to TrumpetBoards! We are a community of trumpet players/enthusiasts/students/professionals/teachers. The goals of this site are as follows:

    • Foster a welcoming environment where trumpet players of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds can participate without facing shaming, flaming or undue criticism.
    • Offer relevant, accurate and clear information related to trumpet pedagogy.
    • Promote the words of credentialed professionals.
    • Offer an avenue for trumpets and related items to be sold.
    • Have lots of fun!

    Here are some rules to uphold the goals of the forum:

    • No foul language. @administrator is the final say on this.
    • No harassment or personal attacks toward members.
    • Religious or political discussions are discouraged. These aren't inherently bad, but they usually lead to quite a bit of we avoid them here.
    • No classifieds in any board besides the classifieds board.
    • Administrator or Moderators have full discretion to edit or delete posts and threads.
    • You may change your username, but old posts will still be associated with it.
    • No excessive file uploading. Generally, most users should keep their photos to about 200.
    • No Spamming or Scamming. Reported scammers will be banned and their IPs blocked.